Where are CLT people going to watch game?

Travel to bahamas is not an option for me. So next best place to watch IMO is Picassos. I’ve watched a lot of Niner games up there over the years and this seemed like a fitting spot.

I have no doubt it will be on all tvs with sound. It would be a lot of fun if a big group of Niners fans showed up to watch the game together.

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That’s granddaughter visit day, so I’ll be at home.

Daughter’s birthday and party, hopefully can sandwich a 3 hour gap between her morning mommy-daddy outing and the family showing up that evening.

I should be done by noon, going to try to hit Armoured Cow or Flying Saucer

Probably somewhere near Uptown or Southend, my hope is the AD is partnering with some bars to have official watch parties around the area.

The alumni association is usually the group that sets this stuff and they generally look to bars that are either owned or operated by Niners.


What are those bars usually?

Fitzgerald’s is a normal location for the AA uptown as is Peculiar Rabbit outside of uptown for watch parties.

Recent AD events for coaches have been at Heist, DBs Tavern and Legion Brewery.

Cool. Never been to either place.

Fitzgerald’s (Fitzs) is a good place to watch the game, although they’ve raised some of their prices recently which sucks and they were really reasonable for an uptown bar.

They’re a hardcore steeler bar on Sunday and they know how to put out for a team. If we ever got a decent Niner presence there they’d be great hosts.

Would Dilworth Neighborhood Grill be an option? They have an incredible downstairs area for this and I know they do Gamecocks games down there every Saturday.

We have watched games there before - but nothin official. I have a bad track record there.

We need some where more visibility like Fitzgerald’s. Get a DJ on the patio pre-game and halftime, get some office workers to come out and root with us. At the very least make our presence felt Uptown and let the people know these 49ers are for real.


I would think the alumni association or university would be throwing together some sort of a watch party (maybe wishful thinking) ? I agree somewhere uptown visible would be great.

Due to the distance of our bowl (most ppl not being able to attend), I fully expect them to organize something. I think Fitz, Carolina Ale House, Duckworths, possible Ink n Ivy for Uptown choices. I like breweries, but not usually the best locations for watch parties (lack of tvs), however, I really like 4001 yancey for that. You also need to take into account that this game is at 2pm on Friday (thousands of workers). This is a huge opportunity to market and be visible, which is why Uptown should be the location. Epicentre electronic bill boards need to advertise our bowl game. Hope the AD organizes this soon so everyone can plan accordingly since it is at 2pm and ppl will most likely have to leave work early.

I’ll reach out to AA see if J can get any info.

Word on viewing party being released by EOD by AA. I will let official communication deliver the details.

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That was too many initials for People with a Johnston county education

NODA Brewery at 1

Not sure I will hit that up - but there ya go

Niner named Tyler Norris is the brewery manager there (and I saw on Twitter a while back they’re looking to do a Niner-themed beer), so it makes sense.