Where are you listening to the game?

While most everyone is at the game a few of us are listening to the game on the computer.
Let’s see who are the niner faithful…where are you listening from?

-I’m listening in a computer room at my apartments in Southern California

I’m listening to the game on yahoo sports from my home in Greenville, SC.

Only a 1 point lead at the half scares me. We need to put this team away!

I’m listening to the game at my apartment on Time Warner Channel 22. With me unable to get to this one, it’s too bad C-SET didn’t pick it up so I at least could watch it at Picassos. :frowning:

Listening from my home in Greenville

Me and my 40 are in New Bern, NC. I was supposed to have finished an important assignment. I need this win.

Dobson Nc would have been at the game but had to go home to go to the docter for knee surgury prep need to put this team away…


I’m listening at home. Always try to catch it on broadcast.

Raleigh, from my home computer room. Chat open, Internet Audio up, Game Tracker up.

Niners win.

I listened from Kings Mountain, NC on Yahoo! Sports. It a great way to pick up the games considering 610AM sucks and doesn’t even make it out of Mecklenburg County.

Holmes, I’d be jealous to live that close. :smiley:

[i]Originally posted by holmes49er[/i]@Feb 9 2005, 09:41 PM [b] 610AM sucks and doesn't even make it out of Mecklenburg County. [/b]
Does 610 am even make it IN Mecklenburg county? I live like 15 minutes from campus, and I get static before I get home.

I listened on Yahoo in CT