Where do we stand for 2007?

49blh states we have 3 to give for 2007 but is including Wilderness in that mix and no Phil Jones. If you flip flop Wilderness and Jones for 2006 and 2007 then are we done for 2007?

If we have 3 to give for 2007 then Wildnerness, Ngoundjo, and Harmon complete the class without a PG? Are these numbers right? I thought we had one more to give (up to 13)?

Is Wilderness still in the mix? We have Ngoundo and “Big Phil” to block shots and rebound but where will all the scoring come from? We definitely need to find a PG and a big time 2G shooter with the offense we run. We are definitely setting up the team to be very attractive for a high level scoring SG. Will we ever land him is the question.

TSD: I counted 5, with 2 taken by Harmon and Wildnerness. Jones took a scholarship Wildnerness would have used, so none carry from '06 to '07.

We lose: Coleman, Alexander, Jamieson, Courtney Williams, and Drayton.

With Gaby’s committment, that means 2 to fill.

I’m hoping a PG and another post player.

Two to give by my count. Five guys are Seniors; we have 3 verbals (Wilderness, Harmon, Ngoundgo):

Guys we’ll lose: (Graduation) Antwon Coleman (PF/C), Jerell Jamison (SF), Courtney Williams (PF/C), E.J. Drayton – (SF/PF), DeAngelo Alexander (SF)

We need a Freshman PG and a JUCO big guy for immediate help next year. Leemire has 2 more years. Plus Andersen, Dewhurst can play the 2.

[QUOTE=LeftyNiner;187920]We need a Freshman PG.[/QUOTE]

Dee Bost come on down…


Whitehurst is on board, making that 4 very solid forwards. Hopefully some news on a PG will come soon…

We need a pf/c and a pg yesterday.

what is the latest?

Early signing begins tomorrow, any surprises in store or will all 3 of our commitments send their letters in?

49erblh, can you update the '07 recruitment assessment? You still have Harmon listed as a committment.

Yes, I’ll have everything updated by tomorrow night (Thursday)! Not too much new on the new recruit front from what I can tell though.

why did our players not sign yesterday?

How do we know that they did not?

[QUOTE=TheShowDawg;197439]How do we know that they did not?[/QUOTE]
That’s true. I have not seen our AD proudly prclaim signing guys like they do at other schools. We really have to work to see any of the recruiting process. Most schools I’ve seen put stuff up on the web when they sign someone…

charlotte49ers.com has done this for the past few years. they post this.

[QUOTE=ninerID;197446]charlotte49ers.com has done this for the past few years. they post this.[/QUOTE]
Hmmm, okay I must be mistaken then. I hadn’t remembered seeing much. Thanks ID

Another good LL question for someone.

From Rivals.com:

[b]8. Atlantic 10[/b]
  1. Dayton
  2. George Washington
  3. Charlotte
  4. Xavier
  5. UMass
  6. Temple
  7. La Salle
  8. Saint Joseph’s
  9. St. Bonaventure
  10. Richmond
    T11. Duquesne
    T11. Saint Louis
    T11. Fordham
    T11. Rhode Island

The Atlantic 10 is always good for a big time recruit or two. Dayton is the winner of this year’s headliner. Ohio native Chris Wright picked the Flyers over interest from a number of high-major programs. He’ll redefine the team’s nickname while there. Wright is one of the top athletes in the class of 2007.

George Washington loaded up on depth and traveled the country to do so. The Colonials went to Oregon to land Jared Cunningham. They traveled to Oklahoma to get Xavier Alexander, and they went to the Northeast for Miles Beatty and Jabari Edwards.

Charlotte is no stranger to good recruiting. The 49ers have a holdover from last year in Georgia native An’Juan Wilderness, who is spending a year at the Patterson School in North Carolina. Gaby Ngoundgo is a sleeper big man from Arkansas, while Eric Whitehurst is a junior college steal with potential to make a big-time impact for two years.

Xavier landed top-100 wing Dante Jackson. St. Joe’s also added a Rivals150 player in Idris Hilliard.

Link: Rivals.com Early Signing

There’s also a thread on the A-10 board:

Start of the fall signing period