Where is my Pond??!!

So I noticed a while back they drained the pond on campus (next to Colvard).

Whats going on with that? Why did they drain it?

It looks like its been drained for a while since there is so much stuff growing there.

I was wondering this also.

It was eroding the land out from under the road next to it. Whether they plan on filling it back in or not remains to be seen, I guess.

Yes they are working on it. They are fixing the retaining wall so the erosion will stop Hockenlockensockenblocken Pond will be back.

• Heckenbleikner Lake Dam Repair (Engineering/Design) – design, repair/replacement and construction administration of the Heckenbleikner Lake Dam at the front entrance of the campus on Broadrick Blvd
– Estimated Construction Cost – TBD pending design completion
– Construction Type – Single Prime
– Project Manager – Sherry Ceallaigh, 704.687.2773
– Designer – Kleinfelder Southeast, Inc
– Construction to begin late 2010

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Use the bleachers to fix the dam!

If a student has a UNC-CH sticker on their car, dismantle it and use the pieces to fix the dam!