Where was Iti?


Where was Chris Nance?

Where’s Nance been since UAB ?

Flu bug for the last week

[i]Originally posted by 49erInMichigan[/i]@Jan 29 2005, 03:18 PM [b] Where's Nance been since UAB ? [/b]
Sitting sick, but he's still outplaying Iti and outside of the TCU game EJ by leaps and bounds.

Nance should have played in the second half. He may be sick, but you have to at least try and play him unless he just can’t get off the bench.

I am missing something here. When nance came in the game, please tell me how many good plays he made. . . humor me!

He forced back to back turnovers in the low post. He grabbed at least two rebounds in traffic. We scored easier with Nance in the game and had a little spurt. Then he came out.

If you missed that, you must have not been watching the stuff he does, he’s not an offensive player. I think too often our fans only expect points, but if you score 2 and the other team scores 0, you still win.

Well actually I watched him not even attempt to grab an offensive rebound while he was directly under the goal. And if you have it taped, they showed a replay, so you should be able to find it easily.

As for Iti, Lutz is giving him confidence by starting him. He has played just fine and the only reason you continue to bash him is because you wear your green underwear on the outside of your pants posing as “Nuclear Nance”??? and think everything he does is excellent. Sorry, but its true.

Okay, you have your opinion, I have mine.

Iti has played well in some games, really poorly in others.

He should have played more minutes in this game. I am a bigger defender of Iti than most posters, the only one I am overly critical of this year is EJ. I know I get more upset with him than any Niner deserves, but if you want to talk about a player not rebounding, watch EJ all game.

As for Nance not grabbing a rebound, you must have his number confused with someone else, he’s the hardest rebounder on the team.

Lutz went with EJ in the second half over both of them. EJ was coming off a great game. Don’t blame this on one player. Our team lost as a team. Get over it people.

It’s not EJ’s fault, I really just want to know why Bobby thought it was a good idea to let EJ play so many minutes when he wasn’t producing.

But, to question a coaches decision obviously means that I hate the team and think Lutz is the reason for every bad thing that happens to the team.

Your right about EJ, although I thiink he hustled alot more today, and even against TCU on the defensive side.

I payed close attention to Nance when he came in because I knew the Iti vs. Nance topic would once again arise. I really dont think you have your numbers straight, because I dont remember even seeing him get more than 2 rebounds, IF that many. I havent checked the box score, but I am anxious to see it.

Nance #00, yeah i got it. :rolleyes:

can’t blame one player this time. we just completey forgot about withers the last 6 minutes. that box and 1 was not that good. it was obvious they didn’t know what to do against that defense. if we get it to withers during that stretch, we would have won.

Did Baldwin or Basden play? I watched the game and didn’t see them. Basden grabbed a few rebounds but other than that was non-existant.

Withers stepped up, props to him. Drayton gave a little spark.

I don’t want to hear another f###ing word about how bad Plavich is. Yes, he takes bad shots, can’t guard anybody and is slow. But at least he acts like he gives a shit and plays hard. Baldwin is so athletic it’s scary, but if don’t think he mailed it in today, you either didn’t watch the same game I did or you know nothing about the game. The least you can do is play hard.

Oh well, we do it every year. We’ll beat Cincy. Bet on it. 8 or 9 seed and we’ll bitch. Guess what, Ill awaits…

[i]Originally posted by tm49er[/i]@Jan 29 2005, 03:51 PM [b] can't blame one player this time. we just completey forgot about withers the last 6 minutes. that box and 1 was not that good. it was obvious they didn't know what to do against that defense. if we get it to withers during that stretch, we would have won. [/b]
Brendan to Curt was working every time. He fed Withers perfectly. They never stopped the play in the second half. Why did we stop running the play?

i think we could’t get it to withers because plav was covered and it looked like we decided to try and free plav for a 3 vs. continuing to go inside to withers. just my 2 cents.

Ok, you guys are messing up the thread. I wanted to hear a reply to the lack of rebounds from Nance, “our best rebounder”??? So i found the great box score and he only had one, so where are the “at least two rebounds” that he got?

Curtis was just about the only one who showed up today, with 23 points and 13 rebounds. EJ was the only other player to finish with double-digit points (10). Eddie had 8 rebounds, EJ had 4, Iti had 3, and Nance had 1 in the four minutes he played. ECU’s field goal percentage was higher than ours, their three-point percentage was higher, their free throw three percentage was higher, they had more rebounds than us, they had more blocks than us, and they had more steals than us. With 32% shooting and 56% free throw shooting, we would’ve been lucky to make it out with a win. We weren’t lucky.

If he really did only get one rebound, then you were right and I was wrong. I thought I saw at least two, but hey, I was wrong.

He still forced back to back TOs in the low post. I just wanted him to play more than four minutes. I think he could have at least matched our two taller guys. If you don’t think Nance is a better rebounder than Iti, we have different ideas on what good rebounding is, you certainly wont change mine and I suspect I can’t change yours.

face it, we were just flat. What I do not understand is why eddie and mitch abandoned dribble penetration during the entire second half, particularly against the box and one.