Which Steak are you?


Im a Top Sirloin.

[QUOTE]You are a Top Sirloin person!
Those who prefer Top Sirloins are mainstream with down to earth attitudes and a “what you see is what you get” philosophy of life.[/QUOTE]

Interesting it got me dead on I think.

I’m a top sirloin as well.

Initially I was Premium Ground Beef.

But I went back and tried it again I was

You are a Strip Loin person!
Those who prefer Strip Loins are passionate, somewhat indulgent with strong personalities and take charge attitudes.

Im a strip loin… its 8:40 in the morning and now have a craving for steak… THANKS GILL! :tongue:

Top sirloin here.

Im a strip loin... its 8:40 in the morning and now have a craving for steak... THANKS GILL! :tongue:

THIS. My stomach started growling after taking that quiz. And now I can almost smell the steak.

Strip Loin.

And damnit, my mouth is watering.

Prime Rib

[SIZE=4][B]Top Sirloin[/B] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]yummmmmmmmmmmm… where’s the A1 and honey mustard? [/SIZE][SIZE=3]If anybody hasnt tried it, try a dab of honey mustard on a bite of steak, its actually really good. My ex introduced it to me at Logans a while back.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Strip Loin [/SIZE]:biggrin:

[B]Filet Mignons[/B]

Strip Loin

patty melt

Strip steaks, which IS my favorite haha… nice Gill.

strip loin

Those were some of the worst questions ever, but in the end it picked my favorite type of steak…NY Strip.

Fried Chicken.

top sirloin, i was hoping for T-Bone, some of the questions dont have enough answers, i dont think i’m mainstream like gill though

It said that I’m a strip loin.

I call folley… I’m a damn ribeye.

I was a filler filled hot dog. WTF???

Top Sirloin

And we’re still eating on that Omaha stuff I ordered Gill.