Who are you?

You have 12 items in your grocery cart, do you:

  • Get in the 10 items or less line
  • Get in the regular line

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Only surpassed by the people who park in the fire lane at the grocery store.


10 items or less. Rules don’t apply to me. I’ve gone with 20 items. I’m fast as lightening though.

I almost always go to the self-scan.

I also always return my cart to either the store or a cart return location. If you don’t you are a terrible person.


Yes, yes, yes

fewer *


I used to have to gather the carts when I was in school so I always return mine.

I would go through the 10 item line if it were empty.

I did as well but we made fun if it and we would sit in the carts and race down the parking lot (after hours). So I’m all for leaving the carts out in the lot! Just kidding on leaving the carts out.

Self checkout FTW. If you don’t put your cart away, you’re scum.

This is right up there with people who jump in the merge lane and ride up to the end and force their way in. I will do everything I can to prevent you getting in. You saw that sign back there like the rest of us and traffic would keep moving smoothly if only the legitimate mergers needed to let in and you didn’t suck as a human.


There was no option for millennials who shop at Aldi, or order their groceries from amazon.

clt uses instacart.

Stay in the merge lane until the end and zipper. Getting over early only causes traffic further back the road and actually makes it worse. And actively working to prevent the merger is the absolute worst way to keep things moving “smoothly.”

You don’t get a reward for waiting the longest.

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If all cars were driven by networked robots. that’s how it should work. I’d rather start lobbying for a lane change early on, it might take a few attempts to find a human willing to zipper and let me in.

We’re also not talking about the same thing. I’m talking about people who jump into the merge lane to ride up and force their way back in.

But I’d also amend my original statement to add people who don’t take wide open spots earlier on to merge and ride to the end in the hopes of jumping just five more cars.

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I usually go self scan as well; however, lately for some reason folks with a cart full of groceries have decided to go self scan which is irritating.

I don’t understand the question. At Aldi all the checkout lines are the same and I have to return my cart to get my quarter back…

I agree. Self scan should be limited to 10 items or less or something like that. If you scan more items an alarm should go off and you should be shot with a taser. Very few people are capable of self scanning a cart full of groceries in a timely manner.

I can scan 15 items quicker than most people can scan 3 items. Also the grocery store doesn’t always have the correct number of lane open, the majority of blame should be on them.