Who is Steve Skiles...

That guy seemed to call at least 2/3rds of the Niners fouls and obviously the T on Coach. After the game Coach said he had never seen or heard of two of the ref’s calling the game, but they were both from Indiana. Don’t know if that included Skiles, but something smells Kannapolis.


Skiles was absolutely horrible. He was angry at Lutz and also about Footballgate. He seemed like he wanted to punish the Niners. No objectivity at all.

Wooahhhh… “something smells Kannapolis.”!!! Be careful there. You’re treading on special ground. Kannapolis is the home of two state championships in football, and the prettiest high school campus in the state.

It seemed he was the one that made almost every “bad call” against us. With all the bad calls, I thought we were playing the tarholes again.

We won. That’s what counts.

[b] Be careful there. You're treading on special ground[/b]

Yeah, man, my kin’s from there.

My folks also live right near Kannapolis, and it’s not THAT bad. And A.L. Brown does have a pretty campus. But I went to Northwest, so I’m not exactly a huge fan.

Back on topic… that ref sucked out loud.