Who knows me best

Take the test here!


[B]It will ask you to fill in some info, [COLOR=green]in the [COLOR=red]first name[/COLOR] spot, put what you want your name to be viewed as on the leader board!![/COLOR] The rest you can just put fake info into. The username DOES NOT show up as your leaderboard name.[/B]

And the leader board.

i got a 140


that is my quiz

i rule. i never even met gil and it’s like i’m sleeping with him.

i’ve always been good at multiple choice tests.

160 baby!

see how well you do on mine rusty

not so well, which is weird since i actually met you before. but i forgot my score. face nut face is my handle

haha you got like a 40 on mine haha

i’ll PM you the answers you got wrong with the correct response.