Who recruited Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles? Bilas' take on 49ers

At least it’s funny.

Charlotte: I was one of those who thought Charlotte would be a top 25 team this season, and it is puzzling that the 49ers have struggled so badly to score. Usually, scoring is no problem for a Bobby Lutz-coached team, but Charlotte has shot the ball like it has a backcourt of Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Jose Feliciano.

Charlotte has dropped games against Wyoming, Northwestern, Mississippi State and Valparaiso, none of whom are world-beaters. Not a single player on the team is shooting better than 43 percent from the field, and Curtis Withers has not been the league player of the year so far. Withers is a big-time college player who is averaging 16 points and 10 rebounds per game, but is only shooting 43 percent from the floor and is coughing the ball up more than four times per game.

Charlotte will get it together, but is now in the position of a mid-major – win the league or else.

Insider column, but I’ll post the link anyway:

More from Bilas in ESPN.com “Insider”…

"The Atlantic 10: Before the season, I wrote that the Atlantic 10 would be far superior to Conference USA -- and it looks like that will indeed be the case, [b]despite the puzzling start by Charlotte[/b]. The Atlantic 10 is a league of senior-dominated teams, teams that have stayed together.

So far, George Washington is a clear top-20 team with athleticism and upper-class leadership. Xavier is an older team that plays a physical style and is likely to be an NCAA Tournament team. Saint Joseph’s has great perimeter players, despite the losses to Ohio State and Davidson. La Salle is off to its best start in years and is unbeaten behind Steven Smith, one of the top 20 players in the country. Rhode Island is finally healthy and off to a great start, Dayton has some really solid wins and Temple beat Alabama at home and will be very good by year’s end behind Mardy Collins (an NBA player), Dustin Salisbery and Antywane Robinson. Charlotte will figure out its issues by the start of conference play and will be a tough out.

Look out for the Atlantic 10, because last season’s one-bid year is long in the rearview mirror."

And from the “Weekly Watch”…

[b]Charlotte[/b]: It's hard to figure this squad out. The 49ers outlasted Davidson in two overtimes and then, after a road win at Louisiana-Lafayette, couldn't hold off Valparaiso at home. DeAngelo Alexander might have scored 32 points for A-10 player of the week honors, but Curtis Withers put up only seven points and the 49ers still dropped to a disappointing 5-4.

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