Who will be ranked first???

Just wondering who you think will be ranked first.

I’d say men’s. There are much fewer quality women’s college basketball teams than there are men, thus much more difficult to get ranked IMO.

they rank womens basketball? :stuck_out_tongue:

we screwed up for awhile by losing to Rutgers as far as ranking. although if we have impressive wins against Bama and Indiana it may make up for it.

C-USA women’s hoops currently has 2 teams ranked in the AP Top 25 and 3 in the ESPN/USA Today Top 25.

DePaul #17
TCU #23
Houston ARV

DePaul #16
TCU #22
Houston #24

Luck would have it that the Niners plays all of those games on the road this season!

I was checking out the women’s polls and Charlotte wasn’t in any of the “others receiving votes” lists. Men’s is around 35-40 I think, they have less of a distance to go, so I say they get there first.

Historically, the men tend to lose critical games just when they are on the verge of breaking into the top 25. My bet is on the women.