Why are we so bad with Perimeter D ???

What has happened this year with defending the 3 ??? Every team we play gets open looks. It seems the 3’s we get are much tougher than the ones we give up. What gives? We have two great defenders…a great shot blocker. Im glad we gave up that crazy full court trap with Curt running around like a madman. I thought that was it because we were never set. Any ideas?

last years team sucked at perimeter D too, doesn’t make any sense…especially with Basden as part of the team. guess that is on mitch and plav the most.

We need Plav’s offense. We could do without his defense.

We play a lot of zone and the rotation is too slow. Especially when the team we’re facing is doing a lot of screening.

I couldn’t tell you what it is. It’s weird b/c arent our stats (at least before L’Ville) the best among the conference percentage wise against the 3?

We haven’t been good at perimeter defense since Galen played. In fact, our overall defense has been marginal at best since he and Kelvin and Tremaine played for us. Defense is mainly mental and the guys we’ve gotten love to play offense, but not all of them put in the effort to play solid defense for 35 seconds. Our focus has been to outscore our opponent and that doesn’t look to change.

Lutz likes to double the ball anytime it gets inside the arch, be it on the drive or when fed into the post. He seems to want to make teams beat him with three pointers, especially when we are at home, which is strange for a guy who is so in love with it offensively. Maybe he should take his own advice, one way or the other.

We also change defenses a lot and with all the substitutions, it seems that there is a lot of confusion in our rotations.
Plavich’s slow feet and zero vertical don’t help, but there are other reasons.