Why everyone can thank me

  1. I went back to the store Sunday and bought a new pair of green boxers. The others, though only 3 weeks old, didn’t work anymore after the ECU game. I guess they lose their effectiveness after a few washes. Note to self… stock up on more boxers for March.

  2. I wore green socks.

  3. I wore my white short-sleeved Charlotte T-shirt beneath my long-sleeved green one.

  4. I wore my Charlotte hat all day, but took it off during the game for respect.

  5. I didn’t shave all week.

and last, but not least…

  1. I skipped watching the game with my buds and watched the game in my own living room…


with my father-in-law.

Now, if that doesn’t bring good karma, I don’t know what does. :lol:

Its the dedication and execution of a solid gameplan by fans like you that bring wins to the Niners. Congratulations and thank you. You deserve this one.

We’re undefeated at Halton with Gruehls in attendance. Let’s buy that guy season tickets.

[i]Originally posted by Powerbait[/i]@Feb 6 2005, 04:35 PM [b] We're undefeated at Halton with Gruehls in attendance. Let's buy that guy season tickets. [/b]
I'm in. A wise man once said ""Never f*** with a winning streak".

The good news: We won

The bad news: You can’t shave until the season is over.

And I’d like to add I purposely did not attend the game. No wonder we won!!!

Why dont you consider drinking some green food color and you will be steaming green after a few beers. That should carry us far into the NCAA. :slight_smile:

Dont change the boxers until the end of Mach, Austin. Just watch the games at home with your father in law.

I wore my newly purchased “Niner Nation” t-shirt for the game. (Thanks OriginalNinerNation) I am now 1-0 and will be wearing it to all games here on out.