Why we lost to Memphis

I think it is pretty clear why we lost to Memphis, just look at the box score,

Eddie and Plavich combined shot an astounding, 5-22, that is just a combined 23% from our two top players.

Imagine Louisville if O’bannon and Garcia combined for that!

Simply put we have to shoot the ball well to win. You aren’t going to win usually when you shoot in the 30"s as a team. Hopefully Lutz can find a way to get this team ready the NCAA’s.

We lost because we don’t rebound on the defensive end. We used to be pretty decent but I don’t know what happened these last few games. I think all the changing defenses has us confused on box out assignments.

Our starting center is permanently confused.He doesn’t know how to box out,and has lead weights around his ankles that keep him from rising more than 6 inches in the air.If I had a dime for every time this year i’ve seen a guy go right around Martin and force Curtis to try to stop him,sometimes taking a foul…I could buy Halton.

[i]Originally posted by 3ball[/i]@Mar 12 2005, 10:16 AM [b] We lost because we don't rebound on the defensive end. [/b]
[b]We lost because we don't rebound on the defensive end.[/b]

Exactly. All you need to do to beat Memphis is out rebound them. They don’t shoot it that great and are not a great defensive team, but they crash the offensive glass and pad their shooting percentage with put-back dunks and layups.

We got killed on the boards and it cost us the game. EB and BP going 5-22 didn’t help but even that could have been overcome if we out rebound them by 5 instead of them out rebounding us by 12.

pi and I actually agree, no way :unsure:

[i]Originally posted by 3ball[/i]@Mar 12 2005, 11:05 AM [b] pi and I actually agree, no way :unsure: [/b]
Why? Do you have a fabricated war with Pi as well?

they choked anyways have fun in the NIT

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