Will Healy contract


Here you go:


Ready to get him in and see what we can do.


Can the buyout be prorated up based on production?

Someone wrote about all the possible recruits that might be available because of all the coaching shakeups in NC. I wonder more about all the availability coaches! Pick from Appy staff, Fedora staff, ECU, JMU, The Georgia Tech…Those kid will follow great coaches here. Amazing opportunity for Healy and Hill to be aggressive


So with this contract can we keep our DC?


What do you mean? Why can’t coach pick who he wants?




Yeah of course. I just hope we keep him.


That’s the one thing I wish I asked Hill today that I didn’t… whether or not the assistant salary pool would get a bump.


what’s the usual timeline on fb coaches naming their coaches?


Not sure, but it needs to be quick to hit the ground running into recruiting mode.


I imagine we’ll have some guys here tomorrow. Still can see a guy or 2 from Lambert’s staff on board here. Will be nice to have a bit of continuity for the players during a transition.