Will Healy Fan from afar... thoughts on his 1st year?

I worked with Will at UTC and knew he would be a star from Day 1. What he did at Austin Peay in recruiting was nothing short of a miracle!

I was looking at UNC-C recruiting earlier and noticed that Will only signed the 8th rated class in the C-USA this year. I understand it takes time to create relationships with recruiting but Will signed the #1 class at UTC for two straight seasons and then immediately signed the #1 FCS class at Austin Peay after a 0-12 season. I just assumed he would immediately take the conference recruiting title with ease.

  1. Thoughts on the recruiting through 1 year? Assuming he’s getting a lot of transfers?

  2. Thoughts on his overall Head Coaching job through year 1? I’m so proud to see him succeeding and cannot wait to see him knock off UT week 1 this fall!

  3. Thoughts on him interviewing for Missouri and Mississippi State positions after year 1? (My co-worker is a former State player and low level booster… can confirm he interviewed). Realistically, do you all believe he will stay another offseason if you win 8+ games? I know he was raised a Vanderbilt fan (Uncle stared there) and they’ll likely have an opening next offseason. South Carolina could also kick the tires?

Go 9ers!

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ill try not to say anything about calling us unc-c but somebody is gonna. anyways, the difference between the #8 class and #1 is basically the number of players landed. the caliber of players is the same. our average player ranking is essentially the same as ecu’s but their class is about 30 spots above ours, its basically numbers. we love healy and our excited about him. also, these rankings dont take into accounts transfers.

  1. The recruiting class is our best ever and yes he is saving some room for transfers and that skews our overall rating lower on 247 than it should be.

  2. This year was the most fun I had since our program started. The comeback vs North Texas, getting bowl eligible vs lowly Marshal in a downpour with the rushing of the field, a trip to The Bahamas, it was great and we’re building toward more.

  3. I think he’ll pick his spot, I’m not going to fret worrying about tomorrow and going to enjoy having him here as long as it lasts. 8 is the 50-50ish mark I think though, and I hope he doesn’t go to Vandy even though it’s close to home. That’s a very tough place to win. South Carolina will probably give him a look but coming off the disastrous hire of Muschamp think he’ll need to win a lot next year for that be a possibility. Don’t think the AD will be given much leeway to take a risk.

We’re excited to have him, and he’s doing as much good off the field as on.


Just to confirm…I have no idea who this is :grinning:…but I like him.

My two cents…Healy has been a tremendous hire so far. W-Ls are for me somewhat secondary at the moment…in one season he rebuilt the enthusiasm for the program that had waned significantly during the lst 3-4 years…his enthusiasm is infectious and you see it with the players and fans! Getting to 7 wins in the first year, and the bowl game, just icing on the cake. Rebuilding the excitement, that took real effort and real commitment…I personally thought it would take a couple of years, not year 1.

There is no difference between #1 North Texas and #7 Charlotte in the number of players landed. Both have 22. The difference is the number of 3 star recruits. NT has 22 and Charlotte has 18. The caliber of player is not the same.

Based on 247Sports web site ECU recruiting class is 70 nationally and Charlotte is 88. ECU has 25 3 star recruits.

Yeah. All that might be true. Spring is already beginning to pop up, the stock market is still roaring, the price of gasoline is down, etc, etc; but…but…but surely a draught is coming at some point. The market will turn down in the future. Something will happen to make crude oil go back up. It is very dangerous to get too happy. Much more sensible to “pre-worry” now rather than just enjoy what’s happening. (< Sarcasm in case some among us have forgotten what that is.)
Come on people. Let’s don’t turn this board into a pathological fretting site. Things WILL change, but let’s allow ourselves a little room to love what’s happening right now. Goodness knows we deserve it. We’ve done our time in the desert.

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Not sure who your sources are, but from what I know, Will did NOT actually “interview” with either of those schools. He spoke to Mizzou enough to tell them he was not interested and from what I understand, was not formally contacted by Ole Miss at all.

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We had three three stars transfer in from major programs. I’m not going to consider the kid from Vandy too big a deal as that was four years ago, but the guy from South Carolina was a solid three stars 12 months ago and the kid from Northern Illinois rushed for 1000 yards twice in the Mac in the last two seasons.
No one else in CUSA except FAU got more than 1 three star transfer (other than FAU) none had the pedigree ours did.

As for coming in a out recruiting the field, you simply need to walk before you can run. It’s going to be close to impossible to outrecruit the Florida twins on paper, due to the amount of prospects in their back yard. Same with the Texas schools.

Where I’m impressed, is that we only had one guy flip (I’m not counting the juco that committed for a day) and that we held serve with what I consider our peer schools in the conference that we cruised against (ODU, Marshall and Middle). We were 132 in recruiting last year t, this season as of this moment, we’re sitting at 88.

We are likely not done and I wouldn’t be shocked if we end up with another 3 major transfers.

He did interview on campus at Ole Miss, not sure about Missouri

clt heard he interviewed and turned down the panthers job

Really, so he lied when he said he had not been contacted by any school other than Mizzou? That was right around the time Kiffin was hired at Ole Miss too.

I don’t remember what the quote was and whether it was a lie or not, but he interviewed at Ole Miss.

He never addressed Ole Miss. He only said he wasn’t talking Missouri.

Nice to see MullinsManiac created a troll account…


No, he said he only had communications with Mizzou.

I think you’re wrong

One of us has a source in Charlotte’s AD AND knows what Healy actually stated.

BS…no way anyone would take a picture in a situation like that. …if so, post it.

JB has been a reliable source of info in the past :man_shrugging: