Will Healy's Charlotte 49er football program

I went to Saturday morning’s practice. I was planning to just summarize my thoughts on monday, but I couldn’t wait. We have hired the best coach in college football. I’m going to type this as a narrative for effect. Y’all that know me know I’ve spent my fair share of time around John Bunting and Butch Davis’ Tar Heel programs as well as Ron Rivera’s Panthers. I have never seen anything like I saw Saturday.

Drove onto campus from 29. At the stoplight it sounded like bombs were exploding. I was slightly concerned. Turned out to be the music blaring from the football stadium.

As I parked I could hear players screaming and yelling with excitement. It was not Kansas anymore.

As I walked into the stadium I was asked to sign my email address as well as offered to buy season tickets on the spot. I was offered a tour of the facility as well as invited down onto the field to watch practice from there.

On my way to the field I was invited to tour the field house 3 times before my feet touched turf. It was like being on a used car lot. (in the best way possible.)

High school coaches and recruits were EVERYWHERE. Fans EVERYWHERE. Everyone was so friendly to the high school kids, that one of them started talking to me. I had to explain to him that I am a booster and that’s a no fly zone, but I loved Charlotte with all my heart and I’d love to see him here.

Coaches come up to you and start talking to you randomly. Kids come up to you and start talking to you. They ask you who you are, where you are from, and if you go to games.

The guy beside me was hit by a play that went out of bounds. Healy comes and talks to our group for several minutes, apologizing to the guy as well.

I see Mike Hill. I spring to him like a child on christmas morning and thank him for the most amazing experience I’ve had around our football program.

Healy invites all high school football coaches to a “coaches social” EVERY friday night in the field house.

Kevin Donnally walks up to me and invites me on a tour of the field house.

Chris Thomasson stops and talks for several minutes.

You want access? It’s unparalleled. Coaches, recruiting coordinator, AD anybody.

Brady Pope had a particularly strong practice. 4-2-5 looks great. Several turnovers. We are going to play faster than the mullen offense.

If you hated the turnover bookbag, it’s not my surprise to spoil, but we have the coolest turnover “thing” I’ve ever seen. IF we win games next year, it will go viral.

If your kids are sick of losing, take them to a practice. It’s out of this world. They will want to do nothing but 49er football, I guarantee it. Every player/recruit is dancing/singing and the energy level is unmatched.

Man, I get it, everyone is tired of losing. IF you aren’t supporting though, you need to take those excuses, write them down on a nice blank sheet of paper. fold it up real tight, and shove it right up your butt. The time is now. This ain’t meemaw’s 49ers.

Don’t believe me? Come to practice next saturday. I’ll see you there.


Very cool and uplifting. Thanks for sharing. Now, let’s win enough games next year to go bowling.

Thanks for posting, looks like I’m going to have to get out there for the next scrimmage.

I’m going to the spring game and if I like what I see I am going to get 2 or 3 season tix. I live 2.5 hours away, but seeing reports from practice brings excitement.

Sounds like a party. Hope that turns into great things on the field. Sounds like it’s something that would travel well to recruits.

~It’d be nice if this enthusiasm spread to the students. Nah. Impossible. Won’t happen. ~

clt says Saturday mornings are friggin tough for the fans

The 49ers defense had another turnover when linebacker Anthony Butler recovered a fumble by running back Ishod Finger, who did several pushups as punishment. Healy continues to stress ball security to the team. Defensively, though, the 49ers have an aluminum garbage container that the ball is thrown into after a turnover, dubbed the “dunk can.”

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I went Saturday not as a fan, but as a coach. Wore no Niner gear and just observed. I too had a similar experience, had a great talk with one of the new guys running football ticketing who just came from Syracuse two months ago.

Healy walked up and began chatting with me for 5 minutes, left to blow his whistle to signal a change in drills then came back for another five minutes. He did not have to do that, but he talked to as many people as he possibly could. Class act, invited myself and our entire staff to their coaches social every Friday at 6pm where you can talk ball, hangout, watch the tourny or do whatever. I was blown away.

While I chose not to do the tour I’m glad because after practice Healy had players go around and talk to some of the fans and coaches who has come to watch practice. It was awesome to talk to one of my former players and others about the energy change with the program compared to last season.

He hasn’t won any games yet, but he is doing everything right up to this point. I’ll be at the scrimmage/practice next Saturday with one of my players and am beyond excited to get more students at Charlotte around this atmosphere, I think they’d be blown away by the energy the team produces and practices with and that will transfer over into the game.

To say I’m impressed is putting it lightly. Spoke with Weddington’s HC who was equally impressed and saw several other ones there. The future looks bright, very bright.


clt thanks mike Houston for giving us heals


I want to bump this for the monday morning crowd. If you can possibly get there one of the next two saturdays, you need to go. Read my opening post.

Glad to hear the atmosphere has completely flipped, that’s what we needed. Can’t attend any of the Spring practices but should be able to get to one or two in the Fall.

Anyone can attend practice?

@mojoniner, Yes

Anybody. bring your 2 year old or your grandma. bring your high schooler, bring your wife.

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I’m with Clayton, last Saturdays practice and scrimmage were great! There was tons of energy, recruits, and local coaches. They tried to sell me season tickets walking in and offered a tour of the facility. Staff would come up and shake your hand and introduce themselves to you. Polar opposite of the former regime. I don’t know for sure, but if I was a betting man I would say we’re going places. I’m excited for the future and to see how this Healy experiment plays out. This could be the explosion of success we have all been looking for!


We have gone from a beige 1992 Toyota Tercel to a brand new Ferarri.

Thanks for all the info.

All it took for us to hire an A+ staff was me moving 2,700 miles away. The #firescotty movement worked wonders!! Lol


Great recaps fellas… Sounds like exactly the 180 we needed philosophically

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Keep moving, please. We need a name change and a med school, too!


Hah! I’ll do it if that’s what will make it happen. We will just keep moving west. To Hawaii for the med school, then to Japan for the name change. Then to Elon Musk’s Mars colony for the SEC invite.