Winning without Smitty

The decision to suspend him worked out. Sends a message and we still go 2-0. We’re looking pretty good at the moment. Jake is looking solid, the running game is working out nicely, and Peppers made some impact today. Our next 3 opponents have won one game between them so far (and the Falcons are down 2 scores to Tampa at the moment).

It can only get better when steve gets back…

There were times today when the play calling was frustrating, but in the end the game plan worked. They were able to pass down field late in the game when it mattered despite not have Smith as a deep threat. I think when Smith is back and the running game is working it makes the offense a lot harder to stop. If opponents overload to stop the run, we have enough threats to throw the ball down field.

This year may be fun to watch - it was definitely fun to be at the game today and see them come form behind to win!

it would be even more fun if they’d kick somebody’s butt without putting us through the agony. my furniture can’t take much more of this!

After everyone saying the win against the AFC West champs was a fluke, beating the team that just owned the Colts in their home opener at their new stadium should shut those people up. Oh, and we still don’t have our best player. However, he’s backkkkkkkkkkkkkk…I mean hell, we even spotted Chicago a TD to attempt to give them a chance…

it would be even more fun if they'd kick somebody's butt without putting us through the agony. my furniture can't take much more of this!

I like winning no matter how it’s done. Actually games are way more entertaining when they make you nervous.

how old are you. son?

Interesting stat(to me)…

Panthers are 2-0 for the first time since the Super Bowl season of 2003.

They’ve won their 2 games by a combined 5 points.

In 2003,
They won their first 2 games by a combined 4 points.

Super Bowl Prediction, New England 32, Panthers 30??? Just kidding it will be a Panthers blowout.

J Stew up for rookie of the week! rock the vote!


J Stew up for rookie of the week! rock the vote![/QUOTE]

I played Felix Jones instead of Jonathan Stewart and it cost me my fantasy game this week. While Jones got me a TD, Stewart’s 2 TDs and 77 yards would have given me the win.

The Panthers are not that far from being 0-2.

They were bitchslapped during the 2nd half of the SD game and the first half of the Chi game.

On the other side, the Vikes slapped the Packers and Colts around and are 0-2.

This will not be a cakewalk game though the Cats always play great on the road.


That was a little negative…I’d say they’ve won pretty impressively through adversity. If you remember, SD was down two touchdowns and was only able to go ahead after a fumble. We spotted Chicago a TD, and our D still played lights out along with special teams shutting down one of the most dangerous special teams groups in the league. All of this without the best player. No one is far from being 0-2, but you earn what you get, and right now, Carolina is sitting at 2-0, with Smitty back. Look out. This team is disgusting. It’s going to be tough to make Minnesota 0-3 at home, but as Chicago has taught us, it’s also tough to win with a bad QB.