Winthrop Rebrand, one more school that gets it

great video of Winthrop President saying 3 years ago he got here and made no sense why there were multiple colors and logos.

Since 1992, the university has used logos in the school colors, garnet and gold, and in blue and white, signifying the Blue Line tradition, Price said.

“It feels a little bit disjointed,” she said.

Winthrop President Dan Mahony said the new logo brings a more cohesive look to the campus and university as a whole.

Wishful thinking, but it would be nice if the new AD could change up our athletics logo. It’s become dated. Looks very late 90s early 2000s. I would prefer just Charlotte and 49ers. No more c pick logos.

Not just the athletic logos. The UNC Charlotte crown aka “Risen Jesus” has been long past needing replaced!

I’ve hated that crown logo for a long time.

The whole school needs a top down rebrand with the name change.

I have a lot of crap with the C-pick on it so I’d rather not have to buy new stuff.

The C-pick logo on its own is the best logo we’ve ever had for athletics. We need to be putting it on everything, including our helmets. If you’re referring to the C-49ers logo, then I agree it’s a bit busy. Many of the graphic design folks on here have said the logo needs a refresh/modernization, but scrapping it altogether is not a good idea.

I wouldn’t mind a simplified C-pick. We don’t need a four color logo.