Some of the older folks on the board may be interested in this…

So I was looking at Wikipedia the other day and came across Hal Wissel’s page. Now, I started the article on him awhile back and, while I had plenty I wanted to say, kept it to his records at all his D-1 schools and to be fair I even listed some of the awards and honors he won as a D-2 coach.

The other day, I go on there and it’s been edited to not show any of his D-1 records (losing records at all schools he coached). It does say, however, that he led Fordham to the NIT, turned a losing program at Lafayette around, and even though he had a losing record at Charlotte, he recruited Byron Dinkins. I look on the page’s history, and who had edited it? None other than someone with the handle “CoachWis.”

So I changed it back and sent him a message threatening to mention flash cards, “Blow the Wissel” bumper stickers and 5-23 seasons if he did it again. Go to Wikipedia and check out the article for yourself.

For those lazy like me here is the link

All to common an occurance. Nice work, TF.


I was just reading UMass beatwriter Matt Vautour’s blog about Karl Hobbs contract extension in which he grades the 2001 hires by A-10 schools. His comment about Bona’s van Breda Kolff is right on and could have been an apt description of Wissel’s tenure at UNCC if not for Doug Orr’s hiring of Jeff Mullins to resurrect the Niner program!

GW extended Karl Hobbs until 2012. He's proven to be as good as any of the A-10 hires in 2001.

The rest of the A-10’s coaching class of 2001

UMass: Steve Lappas - Fired

URI: Jim Baron - Still there, but results haven’t quite lived up to what Rams fans hoped for. Should be good this year

St. Bonaventure: Jan van Breda Kolff - Fired. Destroyed program

Xavier: Thad Matta - Good hire. Didn’t stay long

Duquesne: Danny Nee - Fired

Link: UMass Sports Blog

I wasn’t born until 1982 so the first Niner coach I remember is Mullins, and we were living in the mountains until '87 so my dad never saw any games during that time period, but he said he remembers being horrified to look in the Asheville paper and see that we’d lost to Eckerd, or Longwood, or some other D-2 school no one had ever heard of.

Does anyone have one of the “Blow the Wissel” bumper stickers that Ken Sanford mentions in his book? I’d kill to see one.


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