withers dunk

kinda late, but does anyone on here have the linkto the withers dunk vs. alabama?.. thanks

I don’t, but I’d also like to see one. I don’t think that game was televised, though…?

Slight digression here, but has anyone noticed that since his tech for hanging vs. Alabama, that Withers has stopped having seizures on the rim? He had the wide open lane the other night for a thunder dunk, but instead just flushed it and kind of tapped the rim with his hands. I think he’s definitely more aware of it now.

hey, i don’ really care… i just want to see it again… haha

The game wasn’t televised, so I guess the only video that exists is the one our athletic dept. made. I guess you will have to make friends with an insider to get a copy of it.

Actually, Channel 3 had footage. They aired it on the 11 news. I tried emailing their sportscasters to get them to send us the footage for the site. They would not do it because of legal issues.


oh ok… well thanks for the info…