[COLOR=darkgreen]Withers is a good player but come on this year should show everybody that he is overated. Everybody was saying how great of a job he did on the AAU team. He is good but those players made him look better because he had all great players around him. Now when he has to carry his team we see he cannot do it.[/COLOR]

are u talking about U-21 or AAU???..yeah he’s having a bad early season, but he’s still the best player on our team, and in the country, and by the end of the year will still average a double double…is he lazy, yeah sometimes, does he play cosistantly, no, and that could be his downfall when the NBA draft comes around…but he’s the captain, he’s the senior, and you have to take the good with the bad i guess

anyway, the withers overrated thing is on every thread already too

You’ve now started 4 threads in the last 5 minutes and could have consolidated all of that info in just 1. Is there really a need to spam the forum?

i dont understand that. How is withers the captain and you do this. You have to be the leader of this team. You have to put this team on your back and show some leadership. and enough with the all my threads could have been one i understand that now. But there is nothing you can do about it now. Last thing i believe Mitch isnt that good of a pg. The reason we are losing all these games is because Lutz isnt trusting any of his players. He keeps going with the same people. You have to play the ones you recruited I mean he has already redshirted Jerrell Lewis just give him a shot.

I don’t like spam.

You sir are an idiot :hammer:

I’m confused, did they redshirt Jerrell again?

no because he has already been red shirted from what i understand about the rules you can only be red shirted once. I might be wrong by i’m sure my assumption is right.

Yes in college sports, a player can only be red-shirted once. You are correct dax.

is EJ still eligible to be red shirted or is too iffy now to put him down? He hasn’t caught any breaks at all. First his shoulder. Then he has tendonitous in his knee. What else is he gonna get?