Women's game Friday night...

Yeah, I know it’s a Friday night, but it’s a HUGE weekend for our ladies. Friday night, our women are taking on Louisville and Sunday, they’re playing Cincinnati. I hardly ever see any of the NN guys there, and the women could really, really use the support.

I mean, do you know how much it would mean to them it we could get a crew out there in full face paint, signs, the whole getup? I know I’ve worn the facepaint to a few women’s games, and then when I didn’t one game, several of them asked me where it was. So, it means something to them to see us in the stands.

So come on, we only have two more games to close out CUSA in Halton, and our ladies are fighting for first place. You talk about fans not showing up for the games? It’s time to step up on that talk. Besides, the women actually do play some really nice games. You’d be suprised how intense some of them can be. Show the ladies that we can get out there and support them just like we do the men.

And, to add another reason to come out, they’re giving away jewelry at halftime. So, if you haven’t picked up that Valentine’s day gift yet, here’s a chance. And, if that weren’t enough, there’s free pizza in the SAC before the game. So come on!

We are playing the women Friday and Sunday against Louisville and cincy at home. These are the last home games of the season besides CUSA tourney. Niner Nation citizens should come out for this game. Its cincinnati and louisville.

The girls are having a great season. The girls games are great because the other team can hear everything you say word for word. I agree women’s basketball is not the same as men’s and I think you can still be a true niners fan even if you don’t come to any women’s games.

I am just urging everyone to come to at least one womens’ game. What if we win the national title? Do you wanna be one of the millions who can’t say they were at one of the regular season games. Come support our girls a little bit.

I have been to a couple of lady niner games and I think they have been great. If you havent been yet you should check them out, you don’t know what you are missing.

I have been to a few women’s games, and I don’t think they are great. But, I went for the same reason I go to almost any other event, to support my school.

Yes, the women are having a great year. Nice to see both teams doing well in the same season. Hopefully the Niners will have a collective 3-0 weekend!


Like Lutz said, the best part is that the other team/refs can gear every single thing you say. I don’t know how many times I’ve had our team, the other team, or even the refs laughing.

Moss2k shall appear tonight B)

[i]Originally posted by moss2k[/i]@Feb 11 2005, 02:00 PM [b] Moss2k shall appear tonight B) [/b]
There we go. Come on, get NN out in force!