Womens Golf Team

I may be the only one on here who cares, but our 2nd year women’s golf team has gotten good quickly. Finished top 5 (4th) for second event in a row and finished ahead of multiple ranked teams. Way to go Niners!


The event this weekend was loaded. Program is off to a great start.

Yes, it was and the last one was pretty strong as well.

you’re not the only one who cares. coach was at Carson-Newman before coming to Clt. i attended there. Plus they are 49ers!

clt says we are good at golf and soccer…

I saw their van at the Cheescake Factory at Friendly Center on Saturday night. Money seems to be no object.

Wonder what Derio and Phil Jones would say about that per diem?

Cheesecake Factory? That there is some healthy, nutritious food for athletes. :laughing: