Women's Lacrosse

Haven’t seen much since December 2019, but are we still adding Women’s Lax as a Division 1 sport? If so, any timetable? TIA

Spring of 2025.

  • Was that the entire team last night at basketball game?

  • What conference will they be in?

  • What field will they play on?

Well, the entire team was not there, since the head coach missed her assignment of speaking to the pregame upstairs crown :grin:
The team will play at Jerry Richardson until their facility is completed.

The AAC has lacrosse, but as of today all members are associate members for that sport except (I think) East Carolina. There is another regular member set to join with us, but I forget which school.

Edit: Temple also has a team. Since Florida and Vandy are in, I’m assuming the SEC doesn’t have women’s lacrosse.


I caught a tossed Charlotte Lacrosse tee shirt last night. :grin:


I think we’ve only signed 1 class of recruits so far and there are 8 players on the roster. They will obviously RS this season. Looked at ECU’s roster and they have 30+ players on their roster. I imagine we’ll bring in a large class this summer.

Looks like AAC is confirmed.



From our tailgating spot on the roof of west deck you can tell they have added a new Turf field that was previously just rec fields above the Sue. I’m guessing that is the location of the women lacross teams practice facility.

Can confirm this from a brief conversation with one of the players Saturday.

clt provides a fun fact, women’s lacrosse was our first team in the AAC

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365 days…



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