Women's Soccer opens 2007 Season

i wasn't comfortable knowing we had 17 corners and didn't score on any of them. the girl that was breaking ankles left and right played hard. Has to be the best cut back forward i've seen in a while. she'll leave a lot of people frozen over the next 4 years.

I can’t recall how many of the corners were taken by Mrs. Ozimek, but it wasn’t enough to where I’d worry a lot. She has proven that she can place a great ball from the corner. If memory serves, the redhead freshman (Melissa Morris, the charlotte49ers.com roster tells me) took a lot of corners, including the rushed one at the end of the first half. Some of them were pretty off, but I wouldn’t freak out or anything. Again, I don’t feel like I can even draw conclusions about our team based on this game. I’m going to wait until the ECU game is over to gauge how good this team is because The Citadel was Guelph-esque. Or should I say Ottawa-eqsue? :slight_smile:

I’m going to try to make tom.'s game.
How much is it?

I'm going to try to make tom.'s game. How much is it?

5 bucks for non students