Women's Soccer

I just want to say great season coach.

[QUOTE=dax;269760]I just want to say great season coach.[/QUOTE]
I’ll drink to that. :toast:

It was fun watching them, announcing for them, and cheering for them. I’m looking forward to next season.

Thank you so much.

We are packing up in Knoxville and will return tonight.

It was a great season and we will appreciate that some time soon. Of course right now it is frustration and pain, but also we are proud.

We were tremendous in the 1st half last night and a large part of the frustration with the second half is that we knew the adjustment they were going to make and planned for it … and simply got outplayed anyway. Hats off to Clemson … last night they were the better team and deserve to advance.

A special thought about my 5 seniors – What they have done for this program cannot be measured. They deserve all the credit for where we are today.

Thank you to NINER NATION! You made this season a special one for all of us!

Coach Lipsitz

Congratulations on a great season coach! Next year can’t get here soon enough.

Call Michelle Rayner up and you two get the disappointment out of your systems. :49ers:

I know it hurts, but no time for frustration…it’s time to get ready to three-peat!

box score?