Worse Loss???

I know everyone is ready to jump ship after losing to USCUSBINGO, but I was wondering, which is a worse loss

#3 Indiana (who has already beaten Kansas) losing to Fort Wayne


Clt losing to USCUS

these games happen early in the season to almost everyone (more to some aka us) ,

Can we add Monmouth?

That was the the loss that came to mind.

Indiana by far.
They’re national title contenders, we aren’t. We are I think just starting to get our feet underneath us after 10yrs of crap. At least I hope we are.


Neither is exactly Chaminade over UVA, though.

Mississippi St we scored 9 points in the first half.

Lord I had forgotten about the Monmouth loss. I was actually at that game. My vision has never been quite right since.

Duke has lost to Lehigh and Mercer in recent years in the tournament. To think we aren’t capable of losing to any team that gets hot for one night is ridiculous.

Yeah. But we fucking CHOKED!!!

Yeah. But we f***ing CHOKED!!![/quote] Not really. They got crazy hot late. We.hit a lot lately too. Just,Not quite as many.

It was a bad, brutal loss. Terrible. Coach knew it on the postgame too.

That being said, I didn’t feel as bad as I did after the Elon loss last year. I mean, at least we were competitive and looked like we were decent on one side of the floor.

No where close to worse loss, but this is a bad one. They went D 1 in 2011 I think. We did choke, but we choked in the first half. We had them down by 15 and should have put them away. We didn’t and we lost. I don’t like saying well they got hot because we have been witnessing a lot of teams “get hot”. The reality isn’t they got hot - it is that we played some terrible D and rebounding is like a foreign language to us.

The need for a big man defensively is glaring.

We got run by one of the worst teams in college basketball, at home. There is no spinning it. We suck shit through a straw, just like every other program on campus. Why any of us bothers with any of this is beyond me. Worst run D1 program in the nation.

Don’t forget GW… as in Gardner Webb.

I don’t know… Boston Univ. in Dec 1997 comes to mind. That was the same year we went 22-10, won the C-USA tourney by beating Cincy @ Cincy, beat UIC in the 1st round of the tournament and took Chapel Hill to OT and lost 93-83.

We lost ONE game at Halton all season long…Dec. 12th.

Losing to Saint Francis (PA) during the Final Four season of 1976-77 definitely ranks up there with one of the worst losses for us. But have to agree that losing to Upstate during what’s considered a rebuilding year for them really sucks. And FWIW, they joined the A-Sun in 2007, so they have been D-I for about a decade (2007-08 first season as a D-I program).

Don’t forget [size=12pt]Eckerd College[/size].

And look what I found. We already have one of these threads.


[quote=“49r9r, post:17, topic:30649”]Don’t forget [size=12pt]Eckerd College[/size].

OMG, I almost forgot we lost to the group of pharmacists. See now I am going to have to go back to my therapist. thanks a lot :-\

Hal Wissel and his flash cards[/quote]

Mullins put up a bad loss, i believe DII, Fl A&M(??) by like 20, have to check the record books to confirm the details on that one.

FWIW, Florida A&M has been D-I since the late 1970s.