Would you rather.....

have Coach Lutz or bring back Melvin Watkins?

My choice- Watkins


Brad Stevens?

[QUOTE=49erWhit;394622]have Coach Lutz or bring back Melvin Watkins?

My choice- Watkins[/QUOTE]

No way would I want Melvin. He was here for two yrs as HC. He won with Mullins players and Lutz running his D. If we dump Lutz we need a proven commodity, not Melvin. It is not like he lit it up at A&M.



I have never noticed how hideous Jon Cal's tie is before.

I hate threads like this, its like a reminder that Lutz is going to be our coach next season, and the 2 to 3 seasons after that.:drool:

Canโ€™t see judy and melvin coexisting

Wat has been at bcs schools for a decade, heโ€™d blow a gasket at our mickey mouse ways

Brad Stevens?

I approve.

[QUOTE=The Lax;394628]Brad Stevens?[/QUOTE]

am i wrong to assume that heโ€™s probably making more at butler than we can afford to pay him here?

are they one of those non-bcs schools like Xavier that spends BCS level money on basketball?