WSSU Abandons Move to Division I

The Rams can’t overcome the financial hurdle in getting to D1. They needed a Sugar Daddy to step up, and there isn’t one coming forward. The costs are more than they can bear. I hate it for them, as I was hoping they could make the jump and keep some local talent home to play D1 that might go elsewhere to play I-AA football or low-major D1 basketball. This will not affect our game with them, as they will remain D1 for the rest of this season.

[URL=][B][U][COLOR=Red]Winston-Salem Journal: WSSU gives up pursuit of Division I[/COLOR][/U][/B][/URL]

[URL=,0,4096374.story][B][U][COLOR=Red] WSSU Abandons Move to Div. I Athletics[/COLOR][/U][/B][/URL]

thats a shame, its always disappointing to see an organization or institution like this fall short of a goal- best of luck to them, hopefully they can gather some better support and give it another run in a few years

I think about 5 years ago Florida A&M reneged on the promise to go to 1-A in football instead of 1-AA for the same reason. It sucks to see someone get shot down when trying to advance.