XAVIER ALEXANDER, Midwest City, OK- 6'5" 2007?

Yep, DA’s brother…

XAVIER ALEXANDER, Midwest City, OK- 6’5"

  • X is a dead ringer for his brother DeAngelo at Charlotte University. However, X is a PG not a SG. X sees the floor and makes solid pass decisions. He can drain the perimeter jumper when left alone, but must become more effective on the defensive end if he is going to continue dominating at the PG slot.

i like.

Rivals has him listed at 6’4, 185. Thats a BIG pg!
He is not ranked and has no stars according to Rivals. Also he has no schools that are recruiting him listed, which makes me think he is really a very, very low DI prospect, or a solid DII.

Chisox, do you have a link to his rival profile?

[QUOTE=pcon;176396]Chisox, do you have a link to his rival profile?[/QUOTE]


He’s coming to Charlotte…done deal…part of a package deal when we signed DA.

He sounds like a slower, taller version of Baldwin.

Is he really ‘No Stars’ or is it just because he has yet to be reviewed?

probably hasn’t been reviewed yet

Guys he is going to be a senior this year and has NO stars on rivals. Doesnt that tell you something? Im not saying their little star ranking tells what kind of player they will be, those things are extremely innacurate, BUT you have to think that if he was any kind of prospect at all he would have two or three. Jesus I mean guys like Byron friggin Sanders and Mitch Mullis had three stars going into their senior years. I just highly doubt this guy will contribute much at the major DI level…

I gaurantee he’s has been evaluated, when there is an older brother who gets ranked, they normally come see if it runs in the family

I gaurantee he's has been evaluated, when there is an older brother who gets ranked, they normally come see if it runs in the family

Depends on whether or not he plays AAU. If he does, then that means he has probably been seen. If not then there is a good chance he’s never been looked at by many of the major scouts who only go to the AAU scene.

Jesus christ the spelling and grammar is just atrocious in this thread.

Yeah yeah, I’ll shut my mouth now…

i’m no longer worrying about grammar or spelling on this board – maybe alexander would walk on here if he didn’t have any offers

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AAU or no AAU, I guarantee you this kid has been evaluated. His older brother was ranked top 20 out of high school and signed with Oklahoma, I dont care if all he plays outside of high school is a friggin church league, the evaluators have seen him. If he comes to Charlotte, I wont expect much out of him.

According to Scout he is a 2 star small forward:


And he has played AAU

sorry, I type faster than I think so I screw up my spelling and yeah. anyway, 2 stars, thats better than none, we have had worse who have done well.