xbox live...

just wanted to see what fellow niners were using it, and for what games?

Me: ESPN Baseball, Crimson Skies, and NCAA 2005 (soon!)

hey kid,

when we get our new place, we should be up and at em.

it’ll probably be Halo 2 all the way. what else? Links (golf) is awesome, and TopSpin (tennis) is good, Ghost Recon is a good one (war game), Rainbow 6 is a good one too.

we’ll have to get the new college football one, especially if it’s as good as they rated it.

I just want to mention that beer is really good.

moss2k, hit the cell over the next 3 days.

my roommate has the ghost recon games, never tried’em though (they look good). definitely get college football! E3 rated it as the best sports game coming out this yr.

I just wanted to mention that Aristocrat Vodka is really good. :stuck_out_tongue:

i like to xbox in the spring.