You Can't Beat a Four Year Player

Watching Eddie blossom into the player he is today reminds me of why it’s so important to have a 4 year player. When a player reaches that senior year the confidence and experience are matchless. Demarco’s senior year and Jobey’s were great. We have had some great 2 year players (Colson, Shaw, KP, Galen) and I’m glad we have Plav, Drayton, Nance. But we need those solid 4 year players in the system and their on court leadership.

Here’s to Eddie. And here’s looking forward to Curtis and Mitch next year.

Couldn’t agree more, mineshaft. I think I see that potential in Leemire as well. He’s already showed he can be a good scorer, and I think almost all of his mistakes come from inexperience. Once he learns to be more aware of what’s happening on the court around him he’ll be a very dangerous presence for us. Hopefully a deep tourney run will help us recruit more guys right out of high school so we don’t have to rely on transfers so much.

Thank you Bruiser Flint!!!