You guys might want to ...

… buy an Observer tomorrow.

I guess the Observer has got the schedule!

Yeah, that too.

Give us some more…I already subscribe to the big O so telling me won’t hurt newspaper sales! Is it good news or bad news?

I guess that would depend on your perspective. I would say more neutral than anything. Interesting and neutral.

Hrm. An oddITI perhaps?

What a tease!

Good one, NinerLoudNProud!

Buy an Observer? Heck, just wait for some “Schmoe” to buy one, then grab the door before it closes… a penny saved is a penny earned! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :ph34r:

(thanks for the heads up anyway Mike!)

Observer prints paper. Observer sells paper to private contractor to deliver. Private contractor puts paper in box. “Schmoe” buys paper, and clever passerby grabs door of box before it closes and takes one of his own. Private contractor loses his portion of cost of paper, causing his children to take step away from being able to afford college education. Global economy suffers.

You forgot God kills a kitten, Mike. :smiley:

[i]Originally posted by Mike_Persinger[/i]@Aug 31 2004, 07:18 AM [b] Private contractor loses his portion of cost of paper [/b]
...Private contractor loses money and does not want to renew contract with Observer. Pool of available private contractors is lowered driving down value of contract. Observer loses money.

Keep stealing them boys.