You guys must be really bored not having football

What exactly do you guys do this time of year? You don’t have a football team to cheer for because you aren’t a real school so there has to be something you do to pass the time.

Maybe it’s taking “how to properly grip a gun” classes from Demon Brown or talking to Iti about potential ju-co’s for you to attend because some of them have football teams.

Just wondering.

…what a f**. 'Nuff said. Guess having an NFL Super Bowl team ten minutes up the street is nowhere near as much fun as having a pitiful excuse for a football team that has a hard enough time filling a stadium with enough people to call itself “Division I.”

…get a hobby…

This is his hobby. It’s what you do when you can’t attract members of any sex. You troll message boards for rival schools.

It’s also what you do if you’re a dental school drop out like this loser.

Shows how dumb he is. Like Alabama needs dentists. :smiley:

MK that is not true!..For your information Dentistry got its name in Alabama. That is why they call them Tooth Doctors and not Teeth Doctors

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that the inventor (can’t remember his name) from up in Maine got pissed because his teeth brush was not patented because some one in Burmingham already had a patent on the tooth brush.

Insert next random hick joke here

…there’s just so many to choose from…just remember that the birds fly upside down over UAB…because they know that the campus isn’t worth Sh!tting on!

'Nuff Said.

'nuff said part 2

Almost 500 yards allowed? Are you sure that you have a football team? I think we could put a bunch of students from a Women’s Studies class on the field and do better than that. :lol:

Like we’ve said, this loser is a ghost after his team gets smoked.

Back to the hermit hole hickler.

Anybody would’ve lost to FSU on Saturday. They are one of the best teams in the nation dumbass. It’s not like they ran up 50 points on us.

At least we have a team.

[i]Originally posted by UABHecklerIsBack[/i]@Sep 20 2004, 10:48 PM [b] At least we have a team. [/b]
That's debatable. Besides, if that's the best rebuttal you can come up with, I feel sorry for you.
[i]Originally posted by UABHecklerIsBack[/i]@Sep 20 2004, 11:48 PM [b] Anybody would've lost to FSU on Saturday. [/b]
I bet Miami wouldn't have.
[b]It's not like they ran up 50 points on us. [/b]

:lol: Well, I guess if you can take pride in only losing by 27 you are a better man than I am.

UAB bowl appearances = UNC Charlotte bowl appearances

Consider yourself lucky you aren’t playing Troy.

:lmao: :lmao: :butt:

My guess is we will beat UAB in football most years, excluding our first year in the conference.