You had to expect it...

Before anyone complains about how poorly we played, how bad our defense was, our missed free throws or whatever, just keep in mind who we played. Anytime you play Saint Louis, you’re going to get that type of performance. It’s always going to be an ugly, physical, sloppy, low scoring, halfcourt game where we manage to win by a few points at the end. And we’ll NEVER look good doing it.

Personally, I’m ecstatic with this win, especially after losing Mitch in the first half. There are some things we could have done better but when it’s Saint Louis, you just take the “W” and move on to the next game.

we could have won 30-29, and I would have been happy. These games are always brutal. JUST WIN BABY!!!

[i]Originally posted by moss2k[/i]@Jan 15 2005, 09:38 PM [b] we could have won 30-29, and I would have been happy. These games are always brutal. JUST WIN BABY!!!! [/b]
Up until about the 10:00 of the first half, it was looking like that may be the final score. :P

Eddie Basden is my hero.

I just wish we wouldn’t have to play them twice every year. Good win though.

We lose Mitch for a half and only commit 7 turnovers! BP goes 4-4 at the line! I’m ecstatic!

I really wish they would come to the A-10 with us so we can continue on playing them twice a year. :rolleyes:

I told SLU’s SID at one point they played better defense than anyone we’ve faced this year. I was really impressed with their defensive intensity. These guys have NO talent outside Reggie Bryant. I have a lot of respect for Soderberg.

SLU always finds a way to ‘ugly up’ every game, however that does not explain our ridiculous offensive sets in the second half, nor does it excuse Plavich’s absurd shot selection all night.

For those who thought Sager was an option I hope you got a good look as he made Plavich look like captain america on defense.

Good news is we hit our FT’s, bad news is Mitch is out and our offense is pathtic without him.

A conference win is a great win and that is all that really matters, however we made it look tough tonight.

I’m happy with the win. this was a trap game on the schedule. Right between UAB and Cinn. Just by looking at SLU’s rebounding edge shows we were not up for this game. We would not normally be out rebounded by this team, even while shooting 33%. I expect a much greater effort Wed.

how did st louis get into the A-10 i thought they were trying to help the conference not add another fordham. they have enough sorry teams already.