Young Alumni night recap?


Who went? How was it?



I showed up late, there was a solid crowd and the building was all done up. 4/9 balloons at the entrance and the uniformed manicans were all over. Lots of free swag and a nice cpick hat if you signed up for tickets. Free food and beer and lots of AD staff were there.

Healy got up and talked for a while and killed it as always in the team room and they had “signing day” pictures with Healy if you resigned. The staff were all over trying to get to know people and the season ticket guys even walked us to the seat we just purchased. I ended the night drinking some cabarras beer and talking to Fuller. Glad these guys are at the helm, it’s very sincere and they are willing to put in the work for ever single ticket.

The way the average fan is treated is a full 360 from the old regime. We matter now.



We’re foljs buying tickets, or were these young alums already season ticket holders?
We’re they pushing FSL’s or just seats for 2019?



There were probably 10 people that already had tickets and were resigning, they made an event out of them. Most of the others were first time buyers from what I could tell. Being a young alumni crowd for the most part they were pushing regular tickets over FSLs. Since I’m a member of the 49er club I was able to get two tickets in 112 for $140. They offer a $25 buy in if you’re not already a member.



Side note: I learned at a previous function that Mike Hill’s college roommate is the owner/founder? of Cabarrus Brewing Company. I’m sure that will be the local beer of choice at our athletic events. Needs to get the Reed’s Gold Ale flowing at Norm’s Tavern!!



Oh yea, one more tidbit for you guys. You can upgrade to FSL’s at anypoint. I may do that next year.

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I think this method is brilliant… get young folks to buy in now at prices they can digest, keep em with you and respect their contributions while they grow in life and as donors. Nice to see the new regime doesn’t think big donors just grow on trees, that you have to put the time and effort into growing a donor.

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It’s served at pregame MBB hospitality.