12/22 ECU game

Anybody going? Tickets available through our AD?

Thinking of bringing a sign. Options:
A) Good luck in your bowl game
B) JUCOs don’t work
C) Jayden Gardner you deserve better
D) Thank you for taking Mike Houston
E) You need to schedule an OOC football game for 2024 and 2025

Tickets available for 8 bucks in the lower level from ECU AD


Represent your University with Class.


Wol fart I’m just kidding. I’m not going to fight anyone

clt likes the houston sign

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A. No one expected miracles.

B. Our top line JUCO targets we were close to getting like Tyson Jolly, Brandon Rachael, Trey Wade, and Khadim Sy are killing it. It’s not that they don’t work. In theory it was the right rebuild that didn’t sacrifice youth at all.

Take Baruti for example, he flat out sucks but he was in the Pac 12 before JUCO’s, had solid JUCO production at powerhouse Chipola and shot 38.2% from 3 there is 6-7, 225 and super athletic. Seemed like he checked all the boxes. He’s shooting 13% from three here, there was nothing to indicate that he’d be this bad.

C. Gardner does, and he’s only a sophmore and he’s got some good freshman of which all 4 are contributing and 2 other sophmores. All 6 newcomer underclassmen have started games. He’s still got some good young players to grow with.

D. I think you have to consider competiton. We gave 2 ranked teams all they could handle, it’s not like we didn’t play better or flash some high upside, the AAC was deep and strong this year. I wouldn’t bet against Mike Houston and Holton Ahlers was only a sophmore as well as are most of the other best players.

Does Greenville have a newspaper? If so they should hire you as they would never be short of content.


I vote “A” but with a change to something like “what bowl game is ECU in?”

Started already here…ECU Away Game 12-22-19 4:00 Tip

Wolfie made me think about fans from other schools on our board. Back in the C-USA 1.0 days we had some great posters from other schools that posted here, and there were a handful of A-10 posters that you could count on. I guess the advent of conference boards has given us a place to all come together, but I still enjoy some of our visitors. The Appy guys, McleansvilleAppy and Big/TinyDave seem like okay guys, and they get it. Come over, kid around, talk a little smack, be helpful when we are heading to their campus, and always remember this is the home of the Niners. The Davidson Mildcat fans generally never leave their extremely polite board. Too bad, but they couldn’t handle it over here. Wolfie just seems lost. I don’t think he gets a lot of support on his own boards, so he is a professional visitor. It may be hard for him to understand that on 12/23 ECU is a non-entity to us.

You guys travel hours and make various signs for all the non-entity’s on your OOC? Say what you want but there’s a little more behind this game than that.

Decent number of us attended UNCW, App and the Georgia State game. When you have fans that don’t put on blue during basketball season you tend to drive to away games.


I said after 12/23 ECU would be a non-entity. Until then, of course we care about beating you. How much do we care? Well, I don’t think you will find any of us on Boneyard Banter.

No. I really just aimed to get your panties in a wad. It worked.

I’ve traveled to Winthrop and kennessaw state too lol.

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We have several national boards, I haven’t posted on the boneyard in 15+ years either. There’s a long thread on the AAC board started by a CLT fan about getting into the AAC. There is more than just tangential interest in things going on here or beating us if for no other reason than that alone. This was a response, it’s not like I start threads.

Anytime any of us play instate schools in makes things a bit more interesting. That shouldnt be confused with us thinking that beating ECU is that big a deal. We have beaten ya’ll with some of the worst teams in our history.

There’s is absolutely no way an ECU grad knew how to use the word tangential in a sentence. This is a troll. Confirmed.

Probably learned it when he confused that word with genital when he had to go to the clinic. #ECULearnin

clt says novelty posters are the worst


I thought about going to the ECU game, but I will stay at home and watch.

Traveling is what schools that have fans for more than tailgating do.

Literally sat between an app and an ecu alum as they discussed what was wrong with their heels last night.