2012-2013 Basketball Ticket Thread

Original post by ChevEE was getting long so I opted to start a new one for this season. Please see ChevEE’s comments

This seems to have worked well the past two years. Post here if you need basketball tickets or have basketball
tickets to lend for any game this year. I will keep a tab running. If I (ChevEE) miss your post, just PM me. If you
are looking for or giving ones you don’t need and are the on the list, please let me know so I can remove you from
the list.

Post where your tickets are if you can and what kind of payment you would like. If you want to be contacted by
some method other than PM, please specify.

Thanks for starting JCL.

[size=4]If you need football tickets, please visit the Football Ticket Thread[/size]

Wife wants to go to the opener, if anyone is not going to use one of theirs let me know, if not I’ll just buy one for her.

Looking for 2 tickets to Friday’s game if anyone has a couple they aren’t using. We have 2, but might take the whole family Friday since the game starts early.

You can PM or email me if you have some extras. Thanks.

If anyone has any lower level tix available for any games, let me know.

I can’t make it for the opener on Friday. I have 2 lower level tickets, sect. 123, row H, seats 3&4. I’d like $10 ea, or make me an offer. I can send them to you using ticket return.

I need 2 extra tix to opening night if anyone is not going and has a Ticket Return acct. The entire family wants to go…so I need 2 more tickets.

If anyone can help…it would be much appreciated.


BUMP! Updated with TICKETS AVAILABLE and NEEDED for tonight.

I have 2 upper level tix available. Would like to get $5 for both but if for some reason you can’t afford, I’d rather there be Charlotte 49er fans butts in the seat cheering for our team so you can have them. PM me.

Edit: No longer available.

Enjoy, Wonderbread.

I have 2 seats, 216 K 6 & 7. Free to first person that PM’s me. WIll transfer via Ticket Return.

Tickets have been sent to Threemire.

Tossing the long shot out there…

I’ll be in town and attending the Florida State game. On the off chance that anybody won’t be able to attend, I’d much prefer to buy your tickets than sit in the upper level.

Gameday Bump! Some tickets available for tonight’s game.

Ditto for tonight

Need three tickets for Saturday night’s game for family members who want to attend game. I have an uncle coming over from Germany and he was interested in checking out a Niner basketball game. Have season tickets for myself and wife but looking for three more, lower bowl or upper. Willing to pay. Thanks.

Thanks to MKniner, I haz ticket

have 2 upper level seats for tonight. Asking $6 for the pair. Pm me

I would love 4 tix for the ECU game Saturday. I would love to bring my daughter to her first Niner ball game. I am more than willing to pay. Please let me know if u have any available

Looking for two to ECU.

Also looking for 2 tickets to the ECU game if anyone has extras. Thanks!