2013 Summer Movies

Hard to believe it is early April and the summer movie season is just weeks away! Here are some of the big ones we have to look forward to!

April 5th
Evil Dead - YES! - looking forward to this.
Jurassic Park (3D) - How does it look in 3 dimensions 20 years later?

April 12th
42 - This is the Jackie Robinson movie if you are thinking WTF is that?

April 19th
Oblivion - Tom Cruise back to Sci-Fi

April 26th
Pain & Gain - Michael Bay+The Rock+Wahlberg = Good times I am sure, but a dumb movie most likely.

May 3rd
Ironman 3 (3D) - Trailers look great - looks like Tony Stark has a few more suits.

May 10th
The Great Gatsby - Leonardo takes on the role and allows a new generation of HS students to avoid reading the book.

May 17th
Star Trek: Into Darkness (3D) - Can JJ follow up the first one with a strong offering before he diverts attention to that other Star something franchise?

May 24th
Epic (3D) - It’s an animated thing
Fast & Furious 6 - Hard to believe we are on #6 of these, but The Rock breathed new life into the franchise.
The Hangover III - The Wolfpack are headed back to Vegas for one more adventure.

May 31
Now You See Me - Bank heists thriller
The Purge - Something about 12 hours to break any law you want

June 7
After Earth - Will Smith, his boy and their ears take on an earth in the future
The Internship - Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn vehicle

June 12
This is the End - The Judd Aptow actors playing themselves in an apocalpyse movie, sounds funny.

June 14
Man of Steel - Supes returns to the silver screen courtesy of Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) and Christopher Nolan.
The Bling Ring (limited release) - Yeah limited release, but Emma Watson - yes please

June 21
Monsters University - Monster Inc, but different
World War Z - Brad Pitt said he wanted to make something his kids could enjoy, but they got carried away… ya think?

June 28th
White House Down - Not to be confused with Olympus has Fallen, but same thing and also similar to one of the 24 seasons

July 3rd
Despicable Me 2 (3D) - More minions
The Lone Ranger - Depp saddles up as Tonto and picture finally make it to big screen with Pirates of the Caribbean runner after some budget problems that halted production

July 12
Pacific Rim (3D) - Del Torro brings us the film he left The Hobbit to go film, aliens, giant robot looking things, destruction - looks good

July 17
Turbo (3D) - about a fast snail

July 19
Red 2 - Old people kicking ass
RIPD - Ryan Reynolds vehicle based on comic

July 26th
The Wolverine (3D) - Jackman drops the singing s*** to start stabbing people again

August 2nd
2 Guns - Wahlberg and Denzel in a crime-action-thriller
300: Rise of an Empire - Think 300 but different

August 9th
Elysium - Neil Blompkamp (District 9) returns to Sci-Fi with Matt Damon
Planes - PIXAR offering it is basically CARS but with wings

August 16th
Kick Ass 2 - Kick Ass and Hit Girl return and they bring friends
Percy Jackson: Sea Monsters (3D) - First one was better than I expected, follows the book series
The To Do List - About a girl wanting to expand her sexual experiences before going to college, stars the chic from Parks and Rec, Aubrey something…

August 23rd
The World End - Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg offering and the 3rd part of the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy about a bar crawl to save the world

September 6
Riddick - Vin is back as the Furyan who sees in the dark

Less sequels and more sci-fi. Looks to be a better year for movies.

Im not a big superman fan but Man of Steel looks badass.

All over WWZ.

Agreed - I never have liked Supes much, but looks like they have really found a formula that brings that character up to speed.

Well knocked out my first summer 2013 movie tonight! Ironman 3 was a solid outing. RDJ totally owns this character. Interesting to see if they come back for more solo films or if Ironman is relegated to Avengers team ups at this point.

No spoilers so I won’t go into the details here. Some stuff I liked, some I really disliked. Overall though great kick off to the season!

Star Trek - you are next!

Summer movie #2 - Star Trek outta the way!

No spoilers, but I liked the movie. Similar to the first they did a great job of recreating the past!

[quote=“NinerWupAss, post:7, topic:27675”]Summer movie #2 - Star Trek outta the way!

No spoilers, but I liked the movie. Similar to the first they did a great job of recreating the past![/quote]

I liked it a lot. Spock, the character, is the shit.

Anybody see the Superman movie? Checking to see if it’s appropriate for a 7 or 5 year old.

[quote=“anipalcraig, post:8, topic:27675”][quote=“NinerWupAss, post:7, topic:27675”]Summer movie #2 - Star Trek outta the way!

No spoilers, but I liked the movie. Similar to the first they did a great job of recreating the past![/quote]

I liked it a lot. Spock, the character, is the s***.[/quote]

Love how they tied in the Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock movies. Not a big fan of Star Trek but took my dad for fathers day and thought it was pretty good.

Superman was good - a great updating of the character.

Took the kids to see Monsters University yesterday. Was a solid flick. Not as good as the first, but overall pretty entertaining.

The Purge was a great big steaming pile of don’t bother. Very disappointed; the premise was original and could have been developed so much better than it was.

Cool. Will probably take the kids to see this one next weekend. They’ve seen the original one about 15 million times so it will be nice to add this one to the rotation.

I agree, I have read some people did not like the movie but if you are expecting a Christopher Reeve, goofy type of Superman then you will be disappointed, much more serious tone and a lot of action. Zod is a great villain.

Man of Steel was solid, but the ending let me down a good bit. There’s a delicate line you walk when you are deliberately depicting the archetype of Superman in a “serious” presentation - you run the risk of being cheesy if you overdo it. A couple of scenes wobbled on that tightrope, and the love interest dialogue with Lois was cringeworthy. The finale was a bit flat and felt forced. A lot of times in books or movies it feels like the writer had more fun building things up and then is forced to clean then all up, and tackles that part like an obligation he doesnt want to handle (like my kid cleaning his room). This one had that feel at times.

I will get curicified for saying this, but I found the Lois-Clark relationship more interesting and better written in the often panned Superman Returns. Even if Amy Adams is a much better actress than Kate Bosworth.

Otherwise, it was a really solid movie and a good reboot. It’s an action movie that tugs the heartstrings at times, though Snyder is a bit hamfisted with it. CGI was great, Zod was a solid villian (though again, his finale scenes were a little comic booky forced and cheesy), and the action sequences were intense. Fauro? (sp?) was a freaking awesome villianess. I like how they focused more on her and not the big dumb brute guy whose name escapes me. She was much more interesting and she had a killer line she delivered to Superman - anyone who has seen it knows which one I mean.

Oh last thing - who caught all the easter eggs in the battle scenes? A bit of a ripoff from Avengers, but welcome anyway. I missed the Batman one that I have seen on the net. But I did catch the Lexcorp tanker trucks. Wonder if there were any more?

Oh, and I dug how they didnt put too much makeup on Clark’s parents or Amy Adams. But damn does Kevin Costner look old. Yikes.

If you like gross raunchy obscene comedy like superbad and pineapple express, “This is the End” is the movie of the summer. I was crying laughing the entire time, and I left feeling like I needed to go to church after leaving the theatre, but it’s hilarious.

I wanna see This is the End.

I saw Cloud Atlas this weekend.

What a horribly underappreicated movie. Don’t get me wrong, it has several flaws - when you are trying to be that ambitious, it’s hard to bat 1.000. I think people weren’t ready to appreciate it and focused too much on its flaws. Let me be clear - in an era of horrible sequel after sequel and reboots and lame ideas in general, I absolutely love that someone, even people as eccentric as the Wochowskis (and “Lana”… lol I had forgotten about that) trying something that ambitious and fresh. It’s rarely executed completely flawlessly, but an A for effort. That was a nearly unfilmable book, but they more or less pulled it off, with a truly special delivery of tone, which is so, so important to that story. If anyone wants to discuss and nitpick, I can - I definitely have some thoughts and criticisms, but I really love it when directors take chances. With CGI, any idiot can be Michael Bay. This is an attempt to do something a little better - to make us think and be entertained at the same time. 9/10.

Watching Side Effects tonight. And Cosmopolis when I get a chance.

The girlfriend and I saw Monsters University last weekend. It was pretty hilarious. In fact I thought it was better than the first one (which was very good). Made me want to go back to college!

that good to read. I am taking the kids sometime soon.