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11 or 12 wins


It should be noted–no, celebrated–that we are not playing a Div III, or even a Div II team as a real game this year. I felt like that was a huge admission of where our program was, and acceptance of it. Screw that. I invoke the Nature Boy rule–if you want to be the man, you have to beat the man. We may not beat the man this year, but you can’t beat him if you don’t play him. Bonus points to Sanchez.

I think we should win 3 of our first 4 games. We are going to be still figuring out who we are, but so are Chattanooga and JMU. Longwood is Longwood, so I am counting on a W there. OK State should be a possible win. Nobody knows who we are either with a new coach, new players, and a new style. If we show any surprise ability at all in those four games I am going to start feeling optimistic about the Davidson and Wake Forest games. We will be the underdog, but Davidson should be reloading, and Wake is just not that good. There is a real possibility that I will be excited about the future again by Christmas.


No non-D1 is a great sign. I think we’ll see some tough schedules coming into play starting in year 3.


10 games in January? That’s a bit January heavy. Why is ODU on Monday night?


Nugget said much of what I was going to say, but better. Oklahoma State in Halton is a great game. They’re a good P5 hoops program, not Nebraska or Rutgers.

A win over Davidson and/or Wake Forest would draw a lot of attention. The games in Hawaii will be on TV, albeit at crazy hours most likely.

The ODU game is on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday. Many teams play that day because the players don’t miss class because the schools have other events scheduled.

That’s a good schedule for a rebuilding program.


Three straight nice road trips…Davidson, Charleston & Wake !


FWIW, Jon Rothstein has Davidson #3 behind Saint Louis and Saint Joseph’s in his off-season power rankings of the A-10. In addition, Kellen Grady is his pick for A-10 preseason POY and KiShawn Pritchett is listed among conference breakout players.



Cowboys open their exhibition tour of Europe with a 99-72 loss to the Italian National Team’s “B” squad.


I was so glad to get that Gibbs kid graduated. It legit makes me sick thinking about how good Grady could be.


From Jeff Goodman on Marshall (Herd vs Niners on January 5th @ Halton Arena):




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OK State played their lone exhibition today vs D-II Ouachita Baptist U of Arkansas.

And FWIW, Cowboy PG Mike Cunningham is no stranger to the Niners and Halton Arena. Grad transfer from USC Upstate had 18 points and 5 assists when the Spartans beat us two seasons ago.



what happened to the chattanooga game tonight? no stats.


my bad. my clock not only is screwed re time but date. sorry.


OK State not only team dealing with player issues as WKU suspended three, with Desean Murray to miss the season opener.