2018-19 Basketball Opponents


More clarification on the C-USA Bonus Play games. Seems the dates listed on the schedule are subject to change.


I understand the reason for these bonus play games, but I hate it’s come to this.


The main problem I see with the bonus play set-up is that the league standings on February 16th may not sync up with the NET rankings. Certainly don’t as of this past Monday.


Will the flex schedule eliminate the back to back road games?


Great question, guess we’ll find out soon.


Another issue with bonus play is that those teams that finish in the bottom pod - 11th through 14th - are going to have play one group member twice. On the other hand, the top (1st to 5th) and middle (6th to 10th) pods play each other once within their respective group.


I don’t think it matters much for the bottom 3.


Agree that not going to matter per NET rankings for bottom pod. Just thinking about travel logistics, etc.

FWIW, probably not going to matter for any of the pod groupings considering the downward trajectory of the C-USA front-runners within the NET rankings since conference play started.


Just a reminder that we will have four more games - two home and two away - after the North Texas tilt on 2/2. Opponents, dates, etc TBD after 2/16.

From packthemine49.com:


With two teams not making the conference tournament, the bottom pod has a lot to play for. If it’s close at the bottom, it becomes like a 4 game mini tournament. Sad we are there but it actually means quite a lot.


With our inclusion in pod 3 assured, almost certain we will have a game vs UTEP (3-9) in the so-called Bonus Play. Miners on the road this week at LA Tech (5-7) and then Southern Miss (7-5).

The other two members of our pod TBD with five teams currently 5-7 (aforementioned LA Tech + FAU, FIU, Middle Tennessee, and Rice) and two at 6-6 (Marshall and UAB).



Bonus Play for #14 Niners:

Saturday, February 23 @ #12 Middle Tennessee, 6PM

Sunday, March 3 vs #13 UTEP, TBA

Wednesday, March 6 vs #11 Rice, TBA

Saturday, March 9 @ #11 Rice, TBA



Don’t like that 6:00 tip on Wednesday 3/6. Attendance will suffer.


Those are all central times listed.


Damn! I should have known. They always are (coming out of TX). I see the CT now. Gah! Ok. Game on for 7:00 EST.


Times for Bonus Play:

Saturday, February 23 @ #12 Middle Tennessee, 6PM

Sunday, March 3 vs #13 UTEP, 4PM

Wednesday, March 6 vs #11 Rice, 7PM

Saturday, March 9 @ #11 Rice, 8PM


UPDATED GAME TIME: Sunday Mar 3 game will be at 1pm, not 4pm.


Who does cusa think they are? The nfl?


Senior Day is Sunday, March 3rd @ 1PM.