2018-19 Niner hoops preseason discussion

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It’s nice to to know that we will play defense this year. Loosing Luka and Najee hurts… I don’t have the highest of expectations but then again good defense could definitely freak some teams out in this day in age where everyone plays run and gun basketball with no defense.

This year we do not play any NAIA or DIV II/III teams. I already feel like a winner.

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clt says this isn’t very detailed, but it is a quick read

It is hard to really read much into the article when they get our Athletic Directors name wrong and then say that the new AD was quick to pull the trigger on Price as a coach. They make the Charlotte Observer’s articles on us look like in-depth investigative reporting.

I’m very excited to see a better brand of basketball.

Garvin and Bryant dismisses from program.


Never saw much remorse from Garvin

Heard rumors there was friction on Saturday. Didn’t know it was this bad. Hope we make these guys regret this nonsense moving forward

I hate to see that, but these guys are under their third head coach, so I can see how young men that need some direction in their lives could make some poor decisions. Their leaving may set us back this season, but if Sanchez is what we hope he is, having two more scholarships is not a bad thing.

While guys wearing a Niners jersey are my guys, over the last few years I have grown tired of Vanhook’s belligerence, White’s pouting and cheap shot technicals, and the lack of a cohesive strategy on the floor. I already knew this year was going to be a transition year, so if Sanchez set the tone that gets us on the right track, I am going to be good.

If you are a Niner fan and not at senior day this year that’s a shame. Jon Davis has been so good through some terrible crap. This is looking like a long year as well. That kid has the heart of a lion

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i might be banished from the board for this reminder, but i have consistently insisted that character matters. we don’t need a team full of choir boys but solid young men. others here seem to have drifted toward “recruit anything it takes to win,” “to hell with attitude and character.” i just don’t buy that, and apparently sanchez is not going to subscribe either.

price (and lambert) might possibly have over-loaded on a young man’s “testimony” as we used to call it, but we should never welcome identified Bad Boys here. they won’t help us win in the long game. they might win us a few games but they don’t build a program.

I should add that i wouldn’t know gavin or bryant if they ran me over, so this is not about these guys personally or individually. i’m responding to outcomes.

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I don’t think I’ve seen anyone advocating for players arrested for violence to be on any of our teams.

Seems like this team just can’t catch a break for the past 13 years or so. I trust Sanchez so if he felt like these guys needed to go I’m sure he had good reason. This will most likely be a difficult season but I would prefer to trim the fat now & set us up for success in the future.

go back and reread my post. also go back and reread many previous posts that HAVE advocated for less strict application of “character” filters in our recruiting.


Human beings are often flawed and make mistakes. In some cases kids deserve second chances. Being arrested for a violent crime is a line crossed for a player to be kicked off a team.

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Does anyone have a clue what the problem with Thomas was ?