2019-20 MBB Opponents and Schedule

Happy Offseason! A lot of talk about win predictions, but that all comes down to our non-conference schedule. This will be the second year the Sanchez has built the schedule, and nearly all contracts initiated by Price’s staff have been executed. The schedule is a very blank slate for next year, so Sanchez should have the flexibility to have the schedule he wants.

Continued Contracts
Davidson (Home)
Wake Forest (Home)
James Madison (Road)

Annual game for the Hornets Nest Trophy returns to Halton Arena this season, the 4-year series with Wake will conclude in Halton as well. Not confirmed, but assumed that JMU is 2nd consecutive home-and-home signed with them.

Not Un-Likely Contracts
East Carolina (Road)
South Florida (Home)

East Carolina has been a mainstay of recent schedules, the two schools should go ahead and announce a long-term deal. If both programs improve with new coaches could one of the highest profile Mid-Major games in the state annually. Last year’s South Florida game was cancelled due to weather, no announcement was made that game had been pushed back a year but it can’t be ruled out.

Exempt Event
No event announced yet, most neutral site events have been filled but Charlotte has option to a) be road team for non-bracketed games for elite event and possibly host sub-regional or b) host or play-in round-robin event against mid-major and low-major competition. Increasing the bang for your buck for season ticket holders with a high number of winnable games would be nice.

Suggested Home-and-Homes or 2-for-1s
UNC Wilmington
Appalachian State
UNC Asheville

Liberty aside, these are regional teams we are currently peers with and need to separate from during our return to relevance, Winthrop is the only one not currently rebuilding. Liberty is a program experiencing a recent surge in quality with connections to our current staff. If we start a series with Liberty, we should go on the road this coming season with an expected L, then have them home for third season when building a resume will be a goal.

Suggested Guarantee Games
NC Central
SC State
Kennesaw State
The Citadel
Western Carolina
Charleston Southern
High Point
USC Upstate

Most of the games to fill out our schedule should be these games. The goal next year should be to get as many non-conference wins as possible, allowing Sanchez to fine-tune his line-ups and polish the pack-line with new players.

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Why we don’t play Winthrop more frequently is beyond me. We did a 2 for 1 with them several years ago. It is a short trip for most fans.

That’s a good list.

Add UNCG for a home and home.

Hate to say this, but I don’t want to get run out of the gym. let’s leave UNCG off the schedule till 2021.

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If Lutz were to get the Appy gig, do we want to play them? I want to always spank Appy, but not Lutz, and even worse would be losing to them because he raised that program up. It would be a lose/lose to me.

they are paying a hoops coach 250k. If they are in a position to beat us, we are sure enough in trouble.

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List of things I’m not worried about

-Losing to App in basketball
-Bobby resurrecting their hoops program
-Bobby getting the App State job


A Bobby coached App team would not beat us. They would run us out of the gym for the first 30 minutes, settle into a half court set and the relinquish they lead to us for a L.


I wish we played them annually like we do davidson.


With no in-state conference rivals, Charlotte should play as many in-state non-conference games as possible. They create more local media coverage.

Wes Miller will probably leave UNCG after this season. Schedule them now while people care.


With no in-state conference rivals, Charlotte should play as many in-state non-conference games as possible. They create more local media coverage

Totally agree with this. More people show up when we play ECU, Winthrop (Ok, not in state but still), etc. If we are not playing decent teams I would prefer we play local.


Over the weekend it was revealed we’ll be starting a 4-year series with Appalachian State, starting in Boone this season.

If we take one bus of fans will we outnumber theirs?

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almost certainly. i want to beat them down to send a message that they do not deserve to even play us and as a preview of what football is going to start looking like.

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Now that this has been booked, I want Sanchez to understand that always beating Appy, and almost always beating the Mild Cats is the baseline. He needs to get us to the NCAAs, but taking care of this housekeeping at the beginning of the season is necessary.


Agree. We don’t lose to appy or ECU. We beat Davidson at home.


No, we need to beat Davidson most of the time regardless of venue. We did that for 30 years. We can do it again.


MBB schedule news

Hill confirmed that the men’s basketball team will begin a two-year, home-and-home series with East Carolina next season in Greenville, N.C., which was first reported by The D1 Docket. The 49ers also recently signed a four-year contract with Appalachian State.

Is David Scott confusing basketball and foottball or have we also signed a 4 year deal in hoops with App State?


ecu should be a lot more talented this season but have like 12 newcomers and all but two are juco’s.