2019 Away Game tickets

On-Sale week of April 22 (FSL and season ticket holders will be emailed when they can purchase):

9/7 @ App - $50 reserved, $40 grass hill
9/21 @ Clemson - $40 reserved

On-Sale May 14:

10/12 @ FIU - $24 reserved
10/19 @ WKU - $25 reserved
11/9 @ UTEP - TBA
11/30 @ ODU - TBA

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Being an original And still current FSL owner, I’m pleased as hell with this setup. See y’all in boondocks and klempzen.

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I’ll be at both of those as well, hope they do a bus trip to Clemson. I would for sure bus it there.

View from the hill at app state is complete garbage if you want to actually watch the game. It’s like 60 yards away from the end zone because of the track. Just helping out.

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At one of the basketball games someone was talking to Devos about the Clemson game. He said they were already working on a bus trip for the game.

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If anyone is on the fence about the UTEP game, it might be your only chance to see a college football game in the Mountain Time Zone.

And to have a beer at Rosa’s Cantina.

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Outside of the App and Clemson games you won’t have any problems walking up the day of the away game and buying a ticket.

One of my coworkers is a Clemson STH. Says Clemson visitors seats are in the bleeds. Internet says they are in Section V which is here. Anybody know for sure?


clt isn’t paying $50 for an appy game when you can literally just walk into the stadium and sit on the dumb hill.

That looks about right from what I’ve seen on TV. Not great for seeing action on the other side of the 50. But the big screen will help too.

Last year Appy’s most expensive tickets were $45 and $35. Did they go up by $5 on each seat this year, or is our game just that HOT, HOT, HOT?


App’s other nonconference game is against ETSU so a couple of their alumni have made comments that they need a big gate with us to help budget

clt thinks appy is overvaluing their super bowl. We are more concerned about CLEMPSON and odu.

Who cares how much they are charging? Show up. piss em off. who cares?

Worth noting, if you decide to ride up day of game, it’s not a joke. App doesn’t cap admission. You can seriously walk in day of game. They may cut it off at like 35k, but I doubt that’s gonna happen on september 7th.

DO NOT buy aftermarket rates on stub hub. That would be a stupid decision.

Buying Away game tickets through our ticket office allows our AD to keep the money (generally the home team sets the bottom sale price for those tickets). I am surprised that Appy’s putting such a premium price on our game, but if demand matches the price should be a great atmosphere.


clt is curious, should we wear black or gold to the appy game?


Gold. I don’t want to wear black that close to the sun!

I think as long as you wear shoes they will know you are from Charlotte.


App students sit on the hill for overflow, which will certainly be used this game.

I DO NOT recommend that option until our regular allotment is gone.

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