2019 Football Recruiting Thread


How many of the red shirt freshmen played this past season?





2.5% chance if offered


So you are saying there is a chance? #favmoviequotes


Love to see a few other recruits today before early signing tomorrow


clt is hearing lots of appy players are unhappy with the coaching hires, and are looking to transfer. Especially defensive players.


A buddy of mine has a son there. He said that they had a player only meeting and at least 7 were definitely transferring.


McLuvin must have struck out on the beer run. Appys D was more impressive than their O last year, hate to hear they’re having internal problems.


Sure, hate to hear it, but wouldn’t be bad to get a few of those guys.


clt says it would be great to add some appy transfers to add depth to our squad. A few could even start!


Agreed, let the turmoil on the mountain continue.


Is this real. or just NINER fantasy put out here by CLT? I want to see some info or facts on this before I buy into it.


Will be interesting to see if Kennique Bonner-Steward opens back up now with Manny Diaz heading back to Miami.


He already signed his LOI right? Wouldn’t Temple have to release him, or could he go elsewhere, but sit out


Really shitty look if Temple doesn’t release kids with the change. No worth the bad PR to do that.


Really shitty on Diaz. What he did was worse than Houston IMO. He wasnt using Temple as leverage as Houston tried using us. Leaving a program after 2 weeks is extremely unprofessional.


I’m not going to blame someome for getting a better job. Good on him.


Reportedly Temple has gotten $6.5 million in buyout money in the last two weeks. They look well positioned to go find themselves another coach.


How is going home to a much better job that suddenly opened so terrible? Get over yourself dude.


I think it could really hurt his opportunities in the future unless he becomes and Urban Meyer or Nick Saban. I doubt anyone in D1 outside of the state of Florida gives him another shot at a head coach position. I don’t know if I make that ballsy move for my first head coaching gig. That is really only a move a guy like Harbaugh or one of the other guys mentioned above could make and survive long-term. If anyone should be ashamed I think it should be Miami for chasing a guy with a new coaching gig. The AD risks his job as well for paying all of that money for a guy who has never been a head coach. A guy who was a staffer on “your” team that went 7-6 this season and 4-4 in conference. That move screams desperation and my guess is Diaz will need to perform well fast since technically he is not a new guy.