2019 Football Recruiting Thread


I was 2004! I’m anxious to see the first guys Healy offers.


247Sports: Marquill Osborne announces he will transfer from Tennessee.

4 star DB from Charlotte. Played against us this season. I think Healy should call him.


Let’s make this happen Niner Nation



So, what are the booster rules here? My wife and I are fsl holders and she works at that school. Is it against ncaa rules for her to suggest him to come here?


Yes, that would be against the rules to use influence like that on a recruit.


Yes. Please tell her not to do that. Odds of getting caught are probably low but don’t risk it.


I assumed that was the case so no worries. Odds are he wouldn’t cross her path anyway.

Edit: so what is allowed in her interacting with students if college choices come up? Is she literally not allowed to push her alma mater?


She can not under any circumstance suggest that he should come to UNC Charlotte. What she can tell him is that because of NCAA rules she can not recommend her own university, but that she is a proud alumnus and season ticket holder.

Basically facts are allowed but opinions aren’t.

That does not mean that she can’t recommend him to our football staff to be recruited by them though.


But if he’s already on the staff’s radar, she should probably just steer clear.


She should wear lots of Charlotte gear.


Every jean day she wears a clt shirt.


Are y’all serious or kidding? Talk about the straight and narrow. Seriously, a fan of a school can’t tell a possible recruit they should go to that school? And when has there ever been a penalty for that?

Some on here talk about stepping over the line sometimes to compete. What y’all are scared of happening and the “line” aren’t even in the same spectrum here.

Telling your wife not to sign for his leased car, okay okay I get it. That’s crossing the line a little. Besides, I don’t think the NCAA Is too concerned with the Charlotte 49ers football recruiting practices at the moment.


I agree that it sounds ridiculous but we are the exact school the ncaa would try to make an example of.


I doubt the ncaa is worried about this type of scenario. They couldn’t monitor what every fan of a school says to a recruit. They care about the cars, money, agents, escorts, shoe deals, etc.


49er Club members get guidelines in writing with our season tickets about “booster” involvement in contact or recruiting players. Basically DON’T DO IT, period. A cavalier, minimizing attitude about this could cause us a lot of trouble. I know we’re not talking money, cars, or prostitutes, but Don’t do anything that could screw us up no matter how trivial you think the booster involvement may be.


You have FSLs, she wears Niner gear, and you are proud alums–i think you are already doing a lot.


clt asks what happens if the potential student athlete is a son/daughter of a booster?


cds suggests they quit providing meals, housing, access to vehicles, and any other perks to said potential student athlete.