2019 Football Ticket Thread

I didn’t see one for this year, so I will start.

UMASS 09/14 - Selling 2 GA endzone tix and purple lot rooftop (lower tier) parking. $40.

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I’ve Moved to MD so it’ll be super tough for most games this season:

Section 110, Top Row
GW- 4 avail
FAU- 4 avail
FIU- 4 avail
WKU- 4 avail
UNT- 4 avail

I’ll take reasonable offers

Straight giveaway to put a loud student in the sleepy section? :stuck_out_tongue:

Still these passes available?

WKU is an away game. I’m assuming you mean MTSU.

good point! Was just looking at website quick and knew October was bad for me

haha, may have to come to that, I’ll hopefully get some $$$ though

I have two up for grabs for the UMASS game on 9/14. We’ll be out of town. $30 each. Doesn’t come with a parking pass as I didn’t order any this year because we’re going to light rail it .
Section 102, Row 4

Looking ahead, I think we may be traveling the week of the UMass game. Should have 4 tickets available in Section 109. I also have a rooftop pass in the Orange CRI deck. May have 2 tickets available for several other games if interested.

Looking to get season tix, but have a question. What seats are better, 101, 112, and 113 or 128? The seats in 101, 112, and 113 are $50 more per seat, but 128 looks to have a better view of the entire field. I had tix in 128 a couple of years ago and they were ok. The only downside was that I was too low to the field and their were a lot of visiting fans next to us.

Higher row, as close to mid field. If not dead on 50, move towards Tryon st as opposed to field house so you can have better view of field house/score board.

128 has the better view, but you won’t have seat backs. Here’s a field view from Row 7 Sec 128 in the Spring Game. I’ve sat in 114 and GA as well and like 128 better than those two options. I actually prefer GA to 114 because you can sit wherever you like, but there can on occasion be a lot of visiting fans there.

Here’s the 114 view, I’d imagine 112 and 113 are pretty similar. In addition to seat backs you also are out of the sun faster and closer to the FSL people.

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clt says the closer you get to the press box, the more likely you can smell bojangles

I went with 112 Row 18. We’ll try these out this season and see how it goes. I was in 128 a couple of years ago and the sun was a problem.

The higher you are in our stadium, the better. When we add another deck I want to be in the front row. You can see plays develop so much better.

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Yeah, I was on row 2 in 128. These should be better.

We bought the two seats beside us this year as a test. I hope we can give them away.

I’ll take them. :palms_up_together: Thanks

Anyone have 1 for Gardner Webb in an FSL seat they can sell for a reasonable price? Trying to get the best seat possible before going through a promo. PM me. Thanks!