2019 Niner Baseball Thread


Are these jerseys available for purchase?


I seriously doubt they are available for purchase. How many decades did it take to get our Nike basketball jerseys available for sale? On a positive note, it was Mike Hill/ Chris Fuller who finally got it done, so maybe there is hope. This is our 1st season for baseball being fully under the Nike contract, so the hats are now Nike. I’d love to one day be able to purchase a Nike baseball game hat.


Hibbs was on ESPN 730 this morning. First day of team practice today!



Offered without comment…


Thanks Mr. B


Woof, might have been better to just leave it at the sweatshirt


If you’re willing to make a $250 donation to the Grand Slam Club you can get a game-worn jersey.


Some coverage from the 1st day of practice on Friday:


Like the Nike fitted hats!


It would really cool if you could buy the stuff the teams are wearing…I know we are handcuffed until March but damn it would be nice.


I went by the first scrimmage on Friday. One of the newcomers to get excited about is 1B/DH Rafi Vasquez. Big lefty bat, played at Coastal out of HS for a year, then went JUCO last year. He hit 2 bombs during the scrimmage. One just to the left of the batter’s eye in center, the other just to the right of the batter’s eye in center. Close to 400’ on each.


I have always wondered why we cant buy these hats. It infuriates me. Love the clean look with the C pick. Make it happen Mike Hill!!!



Looks like a clean sweep on being picked 6th, and having no players on the All Conference 1st Team from all the baseball media. Lots of questions for the Niners to start the season, so it is understandable. Hopefully everything gets figured out before conference play and we can make a run. I think we have some good pieces.


I ran into Hibbs at a pregame basketball dinner a few weeks ago and he was excited, but told me we are extremely young and will need a couple of pitchers to step-up if we continue to have the same success this year. He did tell me that the new indoor practice building is already paying for itself with what he believes is the best early signing group he has ever signed.


A look inside the new indoor facility.


Nice roof.


That building should really help our hitters; pitching too. I expect the Niner hitting averages and slugging % to climb this season and keep on climbing during the next 3 years. Can we come hit? Please?



From the C-USA Board. Niners picked 6th across the board.