2019 Week 11: UTEP

I’ve started 2 game threads in a row and we have won 2 games in a row so let’s keep the good times rolling.


We need a NNN watch party somewhere for this.


Must win. Absolutely have to take care of business

Big road game a long way from home. We will need to take this game seriously as UTEP is a hungry team. Keep the bowl hopes alive!


Agreed 100%…Belfast? Flying Saucer?

I can be at either, just want to be with my people for this one :call_me_hand:

Also consider Armored Cow. They’ve been working hard for our business, like these 49er football cookies they had yesterday.


@emf do they have to show the game?

Think Armored Cow might be the spot. Gotta give them some business


I may be out of town, if not I’m definitely up for a watch party.

I saw a post that they are showing football games today. I just sent them a message to see if they are showing our game next week.

Early line Charlotte -12

Armoured Cow will be showing the game!


If I’m in Town I’ll likely be at Belfast.

So Belfast if NWA is in town and Armored Cow if he isn’t sound good to everyone?

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I don’t do beer so I wouldn’t be at armored cow either way haha

Everyone knows whisky is for men, and beer for horses.

NWA can tailgate in AC’s parking lot :rofl:


UTEP matches up alot like MT in the trenches but with less talent. They get little to no pressure and give a whole lot of pressure. Charlotte 31 UTEP 17

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